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Turnall Holdings Ltd, was established in 1943 and has grown to be a leading supplier of construction materials in Southern Africa.
Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Turnall Holdings Ltd, was established in 1943 and has grown to be a leading supplier of construction materials in Southern Africa. It is a growth driven business, with two manufacturing plants producing 120,000 tonnes of shelter and piping materials and has a rapidly expanding network of suppliers and customers across the globe.

Success has been built around a solid foundation of high quality products, solid business values and uncompromising customer service. Turnall Holdings is working with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and, local partner, Pinsoft, to ensure its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution meets the growing demand for efficient and effective products and services.


One of the challengers to Turnall's success has been keeping abreast of rapid expansion. While focused on growth, the company has never lost sight of the fact that customers, old and new, come to the company because it is not simply a supplier of products, but a provider of solutions.

The company believes it should have a business solution that enables it to retain customer confidence and maintain control of business operations as it navigates increasingly complex operating environments.

Prior to 2004, Turnall's legacy ERP system simply wasn't keeping up. It was inflexible, not integrated with manufacturing operations and involved many manually driven processes. This meant that business processes were conducted in silos and so failed to enable the sharing of business-critical information in real time- reporting could take up to three weeks. The company was frequently behind the curve and struggled to make informed business decisions. For a company with Turnall's standards, this wasn't good enough.


Turnall Holdings began a competitive tendering process to find a solution that could deliver a fully integrated ERP solution, capturing and harnessing accurate business intelligence to help drive better performance and meet customer expectations.

Pinsoft Management Consultants, a provider of expertise to Zimbabwean companies since 1997, offered the industry leading Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP solution, deploying the process manufacturing add-on from Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Tectura. It quickly emerged as the clear winner from four competing ERP systems.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV brings Turnall comprehensive business management across its entire operation, from their supply chain all the way through to its manufacturing operations and on to sales and delivery.

Eric Dhlembeu, Information Technology Manager at Turnall Holdings, said, "If Turnall is to seize opportunities for growth in Southern Africa, we need to know as much about what's happening inside our company as we do about the markets we're competing in. Microsoft Dynamics NAV gives us this insight, aligning every aspect of our operations towards our goals of customer service, growth and profitability. It's the best of both worlds, with Microsoft's global reach and innovative solutions combining with Pinsoft's deep knowledge of our business and markets."


From ERP 'islands' that failed to integrate the business, the company now has a completely integrated intelligence network that informs every aspect of its operations.

From finance to inventory, from warehousing to manufacturing, from sales to logistics, from jobs management to CRM - Microsoft Dynamics is transforming Turnall's operations. With an ERP system that covers the entire business, the processing of information is much faster. This, in turn, means that Microsoft Dynamics NAV delivers immediate, informative output that gives the company an accurate picture of what's going on internally at any given time.

As an exa"ple of what integrated ERP is delivering for Turnall, information from their sales department now drives inventory procurement, so the company only warehouses precisely what it needs, when it's needed. It means capital is not tied up in inventory that is idle, thus improving the business cash flow.

Norman Zvenyika of Pinsoft said, "We led this project with dedicated Project Steering and Management teams to ensure ease of implementation, which has helped ensure ease of use. Information can be entered, shared and interpreted in ways that are second nature to employees who are accustomed to Microsoft products such as Windows 7, SQL Server 2008 and Exchange 2007. It is also proving to be simple to customise, delivering a system that is completely aligned to the company's needs."

The combination of efficiency, simplicity and quality made possible through Microsoft Dynamics NAV is reaping its own rewards: in 2010 the company was accepted as a member of the European Foundation for Quality Management Systems (EFQM) - a leading international body that recognises outstanding business practice and performance; and Turnall's scooped both the 'Best Quoted Company' and 'Best Manufacturing Company' awards as part of the 2010 Quoted Companies Survey.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is delivering ongoing benefits to the company. Eric Dhlembeu said, "Adaptability and flexibility are critical requirements in Zimbabwe, where business conditions are sometimes changeable and often complex. The system handles multiple currencies with ease and even copes with large amount fields - something that proved invaluable during periods of hyperinflation. With continuing software updates keeping the system at the cutting edge, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Pinsoft evolve to meet our needs, no matter what we throw at them."

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