Windows Server 2012 makes it as easy to manage an entire network as a single server, giving you the reliability and scalability of multiple servers without the costs. With automatic rerouting around storage, server, and network failures, it keeps file services online. Windows Server 2012 also provides for highly available servers and network storage to compensate for high latency, low bandwidth, and network congestion.

Windows Server 2012 offers IT administrators more and better tools with functionality that

  • Automates and consolidates networking processes and resources
  • More easily connects private clouds with public cloud services
  • Gives users access to IT resources and services across physical boundaries and private and public cloud environments

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Windows Server 2012 comes with an array of new and enhanced features that help reduce networking complexity while lowering costs and simplifying management tasks. With Windows Server 2012, IT administrators have tools to automate and consolidate networking processes and resources. It provides the functionality to more easily connect private clouds with public cloud services. And Windows Server 2012 provides more, and better, tools for connecting users to IT resources and services across physical boundaries and private and public cloud environments,such as:

NIC Teaming Technology

  • Increase fault tolerance on your network adapters without the need for additional hardware and software.

Hyper V Replica

  • Hyper-V replica lets you replicate your Hyper V virtual machines over a network link from one Hyper V host at a primary site to another Hyper V host at a replica site with little reliance on storage arrays or other software replication technologies.

Hyper-V Network Virtualization

  • Virtualizing the network layer with Hyper-V Network Virtualization makes it easy to place any virtual machine on any node, regardless of its IP address—on premise, cross-premise or in the cloud.

Secure Multitenant Environments

  • Consolidating resources through secure multitenant environments makes it easier and safer to link private cloud tenants and resources with public cloud services.