Windows Server 2012 brings a wide arsenal of storage features and capabilities to address common storage issues faced by organizations of any size and in any industry.

From small businesses seeking ways to efficiently use their limited storage, to mid-sized organisations looking for affordable feature-rich storage array capabilities, to large organisations and hosting companies that demand the highest level of performance from their storage investments; no matter what you need from your storage, Windows Server 2012 brings something to the table.
Windows Server 2012 storage and availability solutions help you

  • Reduce planned maintenance downtime by eliminating user disruptions during scheduled maintenance periods.
  • Address the causes of unplanned downtime by scanning, isolating, and responding to unexpected server problems before they happen.
  • Achieve high availability of servers, applications, and services by responding to data corruption dynamically and transparently without disrupting applications and services for users.
  • Increase efficiency and lower IT costs by implementing storage, performance, networking, and server improvements that can ultimately save your organization time and money.

Most important,Windows Server 2012 can help you achieve these goals in single-server, multiserver, and multisite environments.

Some of the new storage features in Windows Server 2012 include things such as

  • Storage Space
  • Data Deduplication
  • Resilient File System
  • Offloaded Data Transfer (ODX)

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