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  • Kelley Blue Book Uses Technology to Expand Reach

    Microsoft technology has served our purposes very well, enabling us to build a scalable, common infrastructure for delivering innovative products, reducing costs, and trimming time-to-market
    Andy Lapin
    Director, Enterprise Architecture
    Kelley Blue Book

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  • IHI Shines Silverlight on Healthcare Improvement

    The IHI Improvement Map is a Silverlight 3 based online tool that distills the best knowledge available on the key process improvements that will lead to better outcomes for patients. The tool makes it easy for hospitals to find, understand and adopt best practices.

  • Migrating .NET Applications to Windows Azure, a Case Study

    Now that Windows Azure is released, many of you will be evaluating Microsoft’s cloud platform for both new development projects as well as targeting the Azure Platform for migration of existing .NET applications. THis article will review the port of a .NET application to Windows Azure, SQL Azure, REST Services and Blob storage.

  • Interoperability Bridges and Lab Center – Collaboration Improve Interoperability

    The Interoperability Bridges and Labs Center is dedicated to technical collaborative work between Microsoft, customers, partners and open sources communities to improve interoperability between Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies.

  • Azure Lessons Learned: Outback Steakhouse Facebook Application

    Check out this Channel 9 Azure-focused episode with Jim Zimmerman, CTO of Thuzi where he talks about building their Facebook application for Outback Steakhouse that was hosted in Windows Azure.

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