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Welcome to the Security eForum Chat Room. Microsoft provides you a forum to engage in discussions about Microsoft products or technologies. Each chat is hosted by one or more Microsoft experts. Check back often as we post new topics weekly. Before joining in, be sure to check our privacy statement.
Security eForum Online Chat Schedule
Chat Topic
Date and Time
Building and Managing a resilient Active Directory Infrastructure - Level 300
Monday 27/03/2006
4 pm-5 pm Sydney time
Jeff Alexander
Building Identity Provisioning Solutions - Level 400
Tuesday 28/03/2006
11 am-12 noon Sydney time
Michael Kleef
Building Identity Provisioning Solutions - Level 400            
Tuesday 28/03/2006
4 pm-5 pm Sydney time
Michael Kleef
Protect your Applications: Strategies that Can be Applied to Applications

Monday 03/04/2006
4 pm-5 pm Sydney time
Graham Elliot & Rocky Heckman
Creating Reliable and Robust Applications with Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005

Wednesday 05/04/2006
11 am-12 pm Sydney time
Andrew Coates

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