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In partnership with various community groups and non profit organisations, Microsoft helps people gain the Information Technology (IT) skills they need to become more employable, sharpen skills to retain current employment, apply for jobs they were not previously skilled for and have confidence to continue the hard work of looking for jobs in a slowly improving economy.

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Living with his parents and seven siblings, 18-year-old Gus was set to take over his family recycling business. However, determined to carve his own career path, Gus set his sights working within the corporate arena.

Gus attended his local WorkVentures Centre in Campbelltown (NSW), where he received training in computer skills training and resume building. With a little help, he was able to apply for positions and secure a business administration job in a leading Australian financial institution.

With a little help, Gus found the path to his potential. WorkVentures gave Gus encouragement in the right direction. He now works for a leading Australian Financial Institution in office administration. With a bright future ahead of him, his parents couldn't be more proud.



    After a difficult time in her life, Tania found herself a single mother of two living in public housing. Scared and vulnerable, she knew this wasn't the future she had dreamed of giving her family.

    Tania took part in her local WorkVentures program in Macquarie Fields and gained the confidence she needed to rebuild her life by improving her career options.

    With a little help, Tania found the path to her potential. WorkVentures gave Tania the help she needed to rebuild her life. This support enabled her to gain back confidence and independence to become active within the community. With her fears behind her, her family's future looks positive.



    After developing back problems while working as an excavator operator, 58-year-old Nick had no choice but to leave the only job he had ever known. Once deciding on a new career in computers, he applied for a course with the Smith Family through the Microsoft Unlimited Potential Program. Through this training, Nick was able to complete an advanced computer course that helped him secure an administration traineeship with a local employment agency and business.



    Living in Redfern (NSW) and surrounded by unemployment, drugs, alcohol abuse and crime, Wayne knew that as a young Indigenous Australian man the odds were against him. Yet in an environment offering him no other alternative, he was motivated to break the mould and take control of his life.

    Wayne attended WorkVentures to improve his literacy, and ended up completing a computer refurbishment training program. His potential was instantly recognised, and Wayne is now in a one-year traineeship with WorkVentures at the Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher facility.



    Steve has a strong connection with his Indigenous identity, heritage and traditions. After a successful land claim that saw his grandmother's people's traditional land turned over to National Parks and Wildlife, Steve was appointed to the Worimi Conservation Lands Board.

    Despite already having a Certificate I in IT, Steve still felt he lacked the skills he needed to do the position and his people justice. So he enrolled in a course at Yarnteen College, and is now qualified to teach as an Aboriginal Education Officer at TAFE. His dream is also to use his newly acquired skills to trace the genealogy of the burial sites on the land he now manages, and assist with their rightful relocation.



    Missy was raised by her mum in the Airds housing estate in Western Sydney. Despite encouragement from her mum to finish high school, Missy lacked the motivation to study, rarely did her assignments and had no ambition for her future. After school, Missy lacked confidence in job interviews, and always missed out.

    In an attempt to create a better lifestyle, Missy started on Work for the Dole where she was assigned work at the Airds Local Enterprise Centre. She was encouraged to enrol in one of the IT Connect courses, where she became proficient in many administrative IT skills. After completing the course, she was hired after her first job interview and now enjoys working for a steel pole and accessories company.



    Craig spent his childhood and early adulthood drifting in and out of trouble, and life. He went from job to job, and in between, spent a lot of time on the couch.

    Despite some of the challenges of his youth, he persisted with his dream of running his own business. And when his partner, Bianca, fell pregnant, it was the 'wake-up-call' he needed. He investigated his option at the Airds Local Enterprise Centre, and enrolled in a gardening and home maintenance course. Now, he is running his own handyman business, is finishing his TAFE course, and is a proud and committed family man.


    Humour Foundation

    The Humour Foundation is a charity that promotes the health benefits of humour, which has been found to relieve fear and stress and aid recovery. The Foundation's core project is the provision of Clown Doctors, who dose sick children with fun and laughter, and touch the lives of over 85,000 people every year. In September 2007, through the DonorTec program, the foundation received six Microsoft® software and licensing packages saving them time and money.

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    Little River

    The Little River Landcare Group was created to address the need for an integrated approach to natural resource management within the Catchment area. In May 2007, through the DonorTec program, the group received software and licensing on Microsoft® products including Office Pro, Publisher and Project, saving them spending money on software.

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    Mangrove Mountain

    Nestled in the picturesque New South Wales central coast rural region, the Mangrove Mountain Computer Club provides a relaxed atmosphere in which members of the local community can learn all about computers and how best to use them at their own pace. In 2007, through the DonorTec scheme, the community centre received software and licensing for 20 copies of Microsoft® Business Vista Upgrade and an XP Pro Windows Business Server 2003 with an additional 20 seats. Centre management has since purchased some Cisco items to upgrade the network switch and Wi-Fi modem/router.

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    Queensland Guide Dogs

    Guide Dogs Queensland doesn't only provide their clients with Guide Dogs, but also educates them about their vision loss so they are able to focus on what is achievable instead of what is not. It equips clients with the mobility aids and skills necessary to live independent lives. In mid-2007, through the DonorTec program, Guide Dogs Queensland received Microsoft® software packages and licensing to the value of $10,000, helping keep operational costs to a minimum.

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