Genuine Microsoft software is published by Microsoft, properly licensed, and supported by Microsoft or a trusted partner. Only genuine Windows customers have access to all optional updates and downloads available from Microsoft, which are designed to help you get the most from your PC.

Why use genuine software?

Research shows that buying and using counterfeit software exposes users to security risks, including viruses and spyware. You can better protect yourself against these risks by making sure you are buying and using genuine Microsoft software. For more information on latest research download the whitepaper.

If you encounter counterfeit software, please report it. Your leads can help keep others from being ripped off.

Report Piracy

Thank you for your interest in reporting piracy. We will take appropriate action on any leads you give us. If you would like to get in touch directly, please email us at . The most effective way to report piracy to us is to fill in and submit one of the forms below:


Why should I report piracy?

First and foremost you'll be helping to prevent unscrupulous sellers from ripping off other customers and taking business from honest resellers. Your leads really count; they help us take action against people who trade in counterfeit software.

Anonymous report

If you want to make an anonymous report of piracy, uncheck the 'we can contact you' box on the forms above. BE ASSURED your details will not be released without your permission. Please send us as much information as possible; otherwise we might not be able to follow up your report.

Report XBOX piracy

Please send your tips about counterfeit Xbox 360 products or infringing devices used to play illegal Xbox 360 games to .


Think you have counterfeit software? What to do next.

Worried your software isn't genuine? Or is your PC saying you have installed counterfeit (non-genuine) software?

Watch this video on how to spot a counterfeit or visit - howtotell.com

So what to do next with your counterfeit software...


If you're seeing notifications that the copy of Windows that is installed on your PC might not be genuine, or that you might be a victim of counterfeit software, it's likely that your copy of Windows was not properly activated or is otherwise not genuine. To fix this, click the notification and follow the steps to either repair Windows or - if you have inadvertently obtained counterfeit software - buy genuine Windows. For more information visit www.microsoft.com/genuine, for business owners check out Microsoft Genuine solutions.


Learn more about Microsoft Office products and purchase a genuine copy, or download a trial version. If you have additional questions or otherwise require support on this issue, please contact us for support options.

Replace it with genuine software

Why should I buy genuine software?

By using genuine Microsoft software, you can be confident that you will have access to the latest features, security and support. You will also have access to new innovations and complimentary Microsoft product offerings available only to genuine Microsoft software customers.

Want more info?

Home user

To find out more click on Office or Windows, or to buy directly online visit Microsoft Store or other retailers.

Small-medium business owner

Visit the Microsoft Business Centre and click on the how to buy tab.

Partner/reseller/provider of IT services

If you think your customer is incorrectly licensed, visit the Microsoft Volume Licensing site.

Still not sure?

If you have general software piracy questions please email .

Tips for safer shopping – in person or online

What is software piracy?

When you buy Microsoft software, you actually buy a license that gives you the right to use the software. Your license sets out restrictions on how you load and use the software. Software piracy is the distribution or use of software without a valid licence. If you use unlicensed software, you don't get support, warranties or certain updates. And counterfeit software is often unreliable - and may well expose you to risks like identity theft or viruses.

IDC research revealed that one in four websites that offered pirated software or counterfeit activation keys attempted to install infectious computer code, like Trojan horses and key loggers, on test computers. Even more striking, 59% of the counterfeit software or key generators downloaded from peer-to-peer (P2P) sites contained malicious or unwanted code, often to enable identity theft. The study also found that recovery of a PC from a security incident caused by pirated software can cost more than $1,000, often exceeding the cost of genuine software.