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Microsoft Australia - Privacy Policy
Last Updated 6th May 2004
Microsoft Australia's primary role is to market and promote, in Australia, products developed by our parent company, Microsoft Corporation.  Microsoft Australia also provides product support and consulting services to Australian users of Microsoft products.
Our policy for consumer privacy and data protection is based on fair information principles recognised internationally, such as the "Safe Harbour Privacy Principles" that our parent company, Microsoft Corporation has agreed to follow and in Australia, the National Privacy Principles found in Australia's Privacy Act and the Spam Act.
We are committed to complying with Australia's Privacy Act and the Spam Act.
We believe in trusted relationships with consumers and we are working toward that by delivering great services and safeguarding personal information.
Do you have a Privacy Policy Question or Concern?
If you have any privacy policy questions or concerns relating to your information please contact us by:
visiting our help and support center
telephone 13 20 58, or
writing to the address below:
Privacy Officer
Microsoft Pty Ltd
Reply Paid 200
PO Box 200
North Ryde PBC NSW 1670
Microsoft's Data Protection Policies
We are committed to taking all reasonable steps to ensure that our customers' information will be securely held.
With privacy statements that are easy to find, written in clear and understandable language. Our privacy statements clearly describe the extent and primary purposes for all collection and use of personal information. Statement changes will occasionally be required and will be prominently noted. Statements will explain what effect the changes have concerning consumer information and will be dated to show when the policy is effective.
Provided Meaningful Choice...
And control over their information. We endeavour to provide easy-to-use information and update processes for consumers to tell us how they want their information to be used or shared.
Able to Review Their Information ...
And have ways to change information about them easily. We endeavour to provide an easy to use process for update and correction of personal information.  We will only refuse a request for access to personal information when permitted by law and, in the unlikely event that this occurs, will give a written explanation for our decision.
Provided Security for Their Data ...
Through strong measures incorporated in a security programme designed to protect consumer information from unauthorised access, use, or disclosure.
Other Microsoft Entities:
From time to time we share personal information we hold with other Microsoft entities, which may not be located in Australia.  But we have taken steps to ensure that those entities abide by fair information principles that are similar to those imposed by Australian law.

Microsoft Pty Ltd holds no records relating to the Hotmail® service or the MSN® network of internet services, such as Microsoft.NET Passport and Microsoft bCentral.  All such records are held in the United States of America by Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Corporation is bound by the United States Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986, which prevents the disclosure of the contents of electronically stored communications and records or other information pertaining to subscribers to the Hotmail® service or the MSN® service except in certain limited circumstances.  Further, Microsoft Corporation has promised its subscribers in the Hotmail Terms of Service and the MSN Terms of Service that it will not disclose either registration data or the contents of private communications except in certain limited circumstances. For further information relating to the Hotmail® service, please contact Giselle Brasier in Australia, at or for further information relating to the MSN® network, please contact Catherine Taelor at Alternatively, via phone on 13 20 58.

If more convenient general information may be accessed through Microsoft Corporation directly or via Microsoft Corporation service partners, such as ninemsn Pty Ltd - which is governed by the specific Microsoft Corporation privacy policy for the relevant services.  These privacy policies are set out in the MSN Statement of Privacy or on the specific site for the services, for example
Service Providers:
Microsoft Australia engages third parties to provide services to us, which may include collecting or processing personal information on our behalf.  Examples of such third parties include call centre operators, mailing houses and advertising agencies.  We insist that any such third parties abide by Australian privacy law.
What sort of Personal Information does Microsoft Australia hold?
Product & Event Registrations:
If you have registered a Microsoft product with us, we will hold your contact details.  Those details are primarily used to send you information about the relevant products, or any upgrades that become available, latest developments, and forthcoming events.
Technical Support:
If you call our Support Line, or seek online support from us, we will hold your contact details and, if you have paid for service, credit card or other payment details.  We generally keep a record of the problem that you report and any actions that we recommend.
IT Professionals:
If you work in the IT industry, we may hold personal information about you, your qualifications (for example, if you are a Microsoft Certified Professional we may have a record of your certifications) and your responsibilities (for example, you or one of our business partners may have told us that you are responsible for purchasing software for your organisation).  If you have attended events that we have organised, we may have a record of your attendance.
Newsletter and Other Subscriptions:
If you have subscribed to one of our newsletters or other information services, we will hold your contact details.  Those details are primarily used to communicate with you on the topics you have indicated an interest in.  Most subscriptions are managed online, and in many cases you can use the 'Profile Centre' to unsubscribe if you no longer wish to receive the information.
Promotions and Competitions:
You may have given us your contact details or other personal information in connection with a promotion or a competition.  We retain this information so that we may contact you about the latest offers and promotions, sales and events information.
Software piracy seriously impacts Microsoft and the software industry worldwide.  From time to time Microsoft Australia receives reports of suspected piracy and investigates those reports.  Software piracy may be a criminal offence, and sometimes an investigation is undertaken.  Whilst most reports concern piracy by businesses, some personal information may be collected.
Other Information:
Microsoft's Partners and Certified Partners provide information that also relates to their business organisation, role and responsibilities. This information is provided online and enables autonomous access and update of their profile. Those details are primarily used to inform our partners about the relevant products, latest developments, and forthcoming events.

If you wish to read our parent company's, Microsoft Corporation Privacy Policy, please click on link

If you wish to read our parent company's, online Privacy Policy, please click on link

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