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Microsoft Solutions Development Centre

The Microsoft Australia Solutions Development Centre (SDC) is a dedicated software development facility within Microsoft's premises in Sydney and Brisbane. We specialise in the development of solutions based on the Microsoft platform using agile software development techniques.

  • Our high performance development teams are passionate about doing the job right, and we have a track record of delivering on complex projects.
  • We will work hand-in-hand with your business, helping to build what you tell us you need – and with your involvement and direction, we can adapt the solution as your needs change.
  • We focus on application quality through the whole of the development lifecycle, using automated testing tools to help build a stable solution.
  • We have experienced project managers, solution architects, developers and testers, who are backed by Microsoft's global product and support teams.

The SDC recently showcased its development processes - view details of the sessions here.

(Australia only)

Contact the SDC.

Improve the odds of success

Of all the businesses who undertake software development projects, only 34% prove successful.*

It's a frightening figure isn't it? The Standish Group*, which tracks IT successes and failures, surveyed over 13,000 software development projects and found that successful projects accounted for only one-third of that total. 51% were “challenged” - projects which exceeded budget, missed deadlines and failed to deliver the right functionality to support the business –and the other 15% were failures abandoned midstream.

The Microsoft SDC can work with you to assist in improving your software development projects. We work closely with your business, focus on project timelines and measure progress and quality throughout the development lifecycle. We take this approach because we would like you to become another statistic - one standing within the 34% of successful projects.

*CHAOS Chronicles Report 2003, published by the Standish Group

Maximise your investment

SDC projects are focused on helping you make informed decisions about the money you spend on software development. In these uncertain economic times, it makes sense to focus on areas of pressing business need.

In reviewing software systems, Jim Johnston, Chairman of the Standish Group, determined that in systems defined and delivered using a traditional / waterfall style approach almost half of all features developed and paid for are never used+.

SDC projects use an iterative development approach to deliver functional versions of a solution to you on a regular basis. This approach keeps you involved in refining and guiding the development to help achieve what you need from the project.

+ Standish Group Study Reported at XP2002 by Jim Johnson, Chairman

Forty five perecent of application features are never used

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