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Meet the lean, mean reliability machine.

Consolidating? Less can definitely run more. Windows Server 2008 changes the game with innovations that give your servers legs of steel, even under highly demanding workloads.

When you have servers that run faster, longer, more securely, and with less downtime, it can transform your day, your department, and your whole enterprise. Just give it your command and get on with your day.

The new Server Core installation option: a more powerful heart.

• A new, reduced Server Core installation option lets you install only the services and features you need.

• You have less to maintain, fewer patches to install, and fewer disruptions.

• A smaller attack surface helps reduce your vulnerabilities to hacks, attacks, and downtime.

Failover Clustering: it runs and runs and runs.

• Makes it easy to configure, manage, and migrate highly available server clusters that can automatically shift workloads to help ensure the availability of applications and services — 24/7/365.

• The new validation wizard automates the testing and implementation of clusters.

Windows PowerShell: uptime, all the time.

• A powerful new command shell and scripting language that enables you to automate key system administration tasks.

• Quickly execute changes across multiple servers, and reduce downtime.

• No need to migrate existing scripts.

Programmed to defend itself and your data.

Schooled in the art of self-defense, Windows Server 2008 is loaded with innovative safety features that actively guard your data against intrusions and help protect you from disruptions that cause harm to your business and your reputation. Pity the fool who tangles with IT 24-7.

Network Access Protection: guardian of network health.

• In a mobile world, Network Access Protection helps provide proactive protection by isolating computers that don't comply with your security policy.

Read-Only Domain Controller: a new brand of branch security.

• A new type of domain controller designed for branch offices or edge sites.

• Offers rapid, one-way authentication, so only local user credentials are stored, helping to protect highly sensitive information from hackers.

Server Core installation option: smaller attack surface, even shorter downtime.

• Minimizes the surface area of the kernel, reducing vulnerability to attack.

Updated. Accelerated. Streamlined. And ready for action.

Change happens. Your servers should be nimble and innovative enough to manage updates on the fly, with minimal downtime for changes, new implementations, and upgrades. Sorry, you'll still need to get your own coffee.

Windows PowerShell: management should be swift and easily automated.

• A powerful new command shell and task-based scripting language that enables you to automate key system administration tasks.

• It helps you quickly address management issues across multiple servers without disruption.

• By reducing disruptions, it helps you maximize uptime.

• And there's no need to migrate existing scripts.

Highly exciting, highly secure, and highly reliable
Web experiences. Now loading.

A Web-driven business is the last place where you want to see downtime. Customers (internal or external) come for a fast, highly secure, and rewarding experience. The innovations in Windows Server 2008 help you deliver with style, intelligence, and robotic efficiency.

Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0: the Web server built for your business environment.

• It can automatically isolate sites, applications, and configurations to help prevent clashes, crashes, and downtime.

• Install only the components you need, to minimize the attack surface of your Web capabilities and reduce the potential for disruptions.

• Find problems fast; improved management features make it easy to thoroughly understand, diagnose, and resolve issues before they become problems.

A refreshing blast of pure virtualization inside
Windows Server 2008

Why pay for virtualization when it’s built right into Windows Server 2008? You can virtualize the most demanding workloads at a lower TCO, while increasing availability. Hyper-V is designed to work with your existing environment and a broad range of Microsoft and 3rd party management tools, allowing you to automate key tasks.

Powerfully flexible.

• Consolidate 64-bit and 32-bit workloads, while reducing TCO.

• Support for multiple operating systems and workloads, to enable broad consolidation

• Create highly available virtualization environment—along with fine-grained resource controls.

Flexibly manageable.

• Designed to work with Microsoft System Center and a broad range of 3rd party tools.

• Supports automation through scripting and Windows PowerShell®

• Utilize your existing tools to manage patching, provisioning, monitoring, and other functions.

University optimises and protects their IT network

La Trobe University, one of Australia’s leading higher education institutions, required a solution for automating and controlling access to their campus network.

With almost 30,000 client computers, the University has a very large and dispersed network. It needs to be available to students who directly connect while on campus, as well as to students working from home. The network security must also handle connections from anywhere - remote or local - running practically any operating system. In addition, students need seamless access to the network from various locations, all over campus. Unlike a corporation that is able to control what types of computers are assigned to employees, La Trobe must accept whatever laptop or desktop computer a student connects with.

By participating in the Microsoft Rapid Deployment Program, La Trobe University was given the chance to work with pre-release versions of the Windows Server® 2008 operating system. In order to ease the deployment and ensure it was taking full advantage of the operating system’s new capabilities, La Trobe worked closely with Dimension Data, a Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner.

The resultant solution has allowed La Trobe to eliminate unsecured machines connecting to its networks. The University is also able to restrict out-of-compliance clients that try to connect to the University’s IT subnets. By being able to set a health standard for all clients on the network, the IT staff is able to reduce its exposure to dangerous viruses, Trojans, and malware.

In addition, La Trobe expects that support time spent by the IT department on solving staff or students’ malware-related problems will be significantly reduced.

"We have deployed NAP on a couple of our most sensitive networks.… If the machines on these networks are not healthy, then we open ourselves up to attack.… The small cost in time and money of improving the health of those critical networks is insignificant compared to the cost of the University networks and domains being targeted for attack."

David Hird

Systems Architect,

La Trobe University

When 40 million visitors show up at Dell.com, who helps greet them at the door?

Every month more than 40 million unique visitors from all over the world show up at Dell.com looking for a new computer, server, TV, or other technology. Fortunately, there's a very reliable employee working the door.

Today, Dell.com is one of the largest e-commerce sites, by revenue, in the world. So when Dell saw how Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0 could give them the ability to deliver a richer Web experience to their customers on a robust, easy-to-manage Web application platform, it didn't take a 64-bit multi-core processor to make the decision.

With IIS 7.0, they get automated application isolation, which prevents their Web sites and applications from interfering with one another. It's easier to diagnose and resolve issues. And because they have less software running at once, their Web capabilities have a smaller attack surface.

So even with the all-important holiday retail season fast approaching, they began moving their North American Web infrastructure to Windows Server 2008 and IIS 7.0—with the rest of their U.S.-facing servers expected to follow. It's an unusual move for any retail environment, but for Dell.com the gains outweighed the risks.

"Dell.com is committed to simplifying IT for our customers, as well as for ourselves. That's why we chose to utilize Windows Server 2008 and IIS7 to strengthen and evolve our online business. Windows Server 2008 with IIS7 offered such important improvements to Dell.com that we began rolling it out during the busiest and most important time of the year. That's how confident we were that it would improve our online performance."

Sona Chawla

Vice President

Global Online


By unleashing the power of their servers, Dell.com found a reliable way to keep their doors open, their customers satisfied, and the merchandise moving.

Bank improves file services and software deployment for its branches

Based in Melbourne, the National Australia Bank (NAB) Group bank employs more than 40,000 people. Of this, approximately 30.000 employees work in 1,200 branch offices, located all over the world. With such a dispersed environment, NAB faced several IT challenges, and wanted a more standardised and agile solution that would better support their business goals. Importantly, they also wanted a smaller server footprint that would be more energy efficient, and much easier to manage.

To develop a solution, NAB worked closely with Avanade, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. Together, they began designing an integrated technology environment that included the Windows Server® 2003 R2 Enterprise Edition operating system and a standardised desktop based on the Windows® XP Professional operating system. They also implemented a centralised management and deployment strategy using software such as Remote Installation Services in Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Operations Manager 2005, and Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003.

The resultant solution has delivered a number of important benefits for NAB – including improved productivity, and enhanced customer service. The solution also considerably streamlines the bank's IT deployment, and increases the overall agility of the business.

"We can improve the stability and reliability of our technology infrastructure with Windows Server 2008. As a result, we can significantly improve the user experience, both for our employees and our customers."

David Bryan

SHead of Regional Architecture, Strategy and Transformation

National Australia Bank