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Microsoft Bangladesh

Microsoft Bangladesh Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation.


Establish Microsoft as a key technology leader in the local community


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Improve market coverage

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Establish the image of Microsoft

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Add value to the business of the customers and partners

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Funding one key IT project

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Enhance IPR awareness in corporate environment

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Working as an effective bridge to establish linkage between partners and customers

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Building a strong developer community on Microsoft technology

Some of Our Key Achievements:

Local Language Program (LLP)

Microsoft Bangladesh and the Bangladesh Computer Council, an autonomous body under the Ministry of Science and Information & Communication Technology, teamed up with a leading a Private University to build a special Bengali Language Interface Pack (LIP) for Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. This customised LIP is being developed to make use of a Community Glossary for standardised terminology.

Security Cooperation Program

Microsoft Bangladesh and the Special Security Force (SSF), located in the Chief Adviser’s Office, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on a Security Cooperation Program. This was preceded by hosting of a Security Cooperation knowledge sharing event for more than 50 Key Government IT Security Officials.

Interoperability Workshop

Microsoft Bangladesh organized an Interoperability Workshop knowledge sharing event for about 100 Key Government Officials.

Providing Support to Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Day

Microsoft Bangladesh provided sponsorship and other related support to Ministry of Industries and Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) to create awareness on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). Microsoft Bangladesh supported this event for the third straight year.

Microsoft Bangladesh also educated hundreds government officials on IPR enforcement, through workshops with the support from Bangladesh Computer Council (an autonomous body under the Ministry of Science and Information & Communication Technology) and Sonali Bank, the largest Public Sector bank in Bangladesh. The workshops were held in the premises of these organizations and Microsoft Bangladesh provided the necessary speakers.

Support for the Hi-Ed Teaching Community

Microsoft Bangladesh organised .NET Curriculum Workshop with the help of overseas experts for 100 University teachers from both Public and Private Sector. This was followed by distribution of Faculty Resource Kits, Whitepapers, Presentations and technical updates free-of-cost to the teachers.

Sponsoring of Informatics Olympiad Finals

Microsoft Bangladesh helped stage the Informatics Olympiad Finals for K-12 students held across all regions of Bangladesh. This was the first event of its kind in Bangladesh, and gathered widespread support.

Partners in Learning Program

Training of Teachers Program under MOU with MOE. Started on 1st April 2006, more than 4000 teachers from K-12 have been trained with Microsoft PiL curriculum. Created a very positive impact within the MOE. Covering all 6 divisions of the country and is executed through 3 different Partners.

Unlimited Potential Program

A computer training program designed and developed to provide a very basic IT knowledge to the underserved community of the country. Program is being executed through 2 NGOs and is serving the rural distant community.

IT Academy

Three Private Universities have signed MSITA (Microsoft IT Academy) providing world-class computer technology curriculums enriched with real-world skills.


It is a Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance, a program that is designed to provide easier and less expensive way for universities to make the latest Microsoft developer tools (software), platforms available in labs, classrooms, and on student PCs. 7 Universities (Public and Private) including Bangladesh Computer Council signed and are actively using the program.

Vista Launch

Windows Vista, an enhanced operating System of recent times and Microsoft Office 2007 the newest version of the most useful office management software of Microsoft has been officially launched in Bangladesh through a two day inaugural ceremony. Official Launching program was held in 29 March 2007 and 30 March 2007 was a full day consumer fair.