Information for designers and interactive developers - Issue 1 - February 2008
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Newsletter Articles
Interface Design - An interview with Manuel Clement

As desktop software and web applications become more and more powerful, the importance of design as a means of keeping new features and functionalities accessible is increasing rapidly. The Microsoft XDR team lead by Manuel Clement is dedicated to researching new possibilities in this field. Find out about Manuel's vision of the future of user experience and interface design in this interview.

Expression Design: A whole new toolbox for graphic designers, by Guillaume André

Find out why Expression Design may become a part of your daily workflow. Creative professionals will find many features within Expression Design that they’re accustomed to in other graphic production software.

Microsoft Envision in Milan/Italy

Christel De Maeyer is project leader at plugMedia, a collaboration between HOWEST-departement PIH and UNIZO with support of IWT-Vlaanderen. plugMedia’s role is to inform and assist multimedia web companies with their innovation. Christel attended the Microsoft Envision conference in Milan and shares her experience in this write-up.

The Designer Role in the Designer/Developer Collaboration - Part 1

With the adoption of Windows Presentation Foundation, the possibilities to create sophisticated user experiences have increased exponentially. Dax Pandhi illustrates in his article how this increases the importance of interface design in general, and affects the role of the designer in the development process.

Expression Encoder: Publishing Video to Silverlight Streaming Service

In spite of the increasing popularity of streaming video on the web, reating content – and finding the right host – can prove to be a challenging task even today. Jim Thill provides a step-by-step tutorial for adding a rich media experience to your blog or website by encoding and publishing video to the Silverlight Streaming Service on Windows Live.
MIX essentials
Save the date! MIX Essentials is coming to Belgium on the 24th of April 2008. Get the very best of MIX (sold out) in a 1-day 'MIX Essentials' conference with great local & international professional speakers. And a special guest keynote by Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft Corporation. Registration and detailed info in the next edition of this newsletter!
MSDN Designer Academic Alliance
The Designer Academic Alliance is the recent addition to the MSDN Academic Alliance program which is the easiest and most inexpensive way for students and faculty to get the latest Microsoft software they need for teaching and research purposes. online training
From understanding the concept of smart web design, to creating, editing, and maintaining web site, instructor Joe Marini, Group Product Manager at Microsoft, gives his insider tips for real-world web site design using Expression Web.