Information for designers and interactive developers - Issue 1 - February 2008
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Welcome to this first edition of our brand new newsletter for Designers and Interactive Developers.

With your profile you will not want to miss our newsletter because you'll be the first one to find out what's new from Microsoft for people involved in creating the next generation web applications. This might be in the area of design, RIA's, rich media, or just plain developer oriented information about more tactical things like usage of certain new technology.

Design for the web and building rich interactive applications are not always that trivial. Especially the way teams collaborate across the lifecycle, bringing it all together can be a struggle. An egg can be a useful metaphor for design. It's a delicate thing and it's easy to kill what's inside it. Designers (and sometimes technologists) spend a lot of time defining what that 'egg' should be. We iterate and make compositions representing EXACTLY what it should look like. But what happens then . we break it.

We break it because designers and developers historically lack a common toolset which embraces both their perspectives. Sometimes we break a design knowingly when we go into a project but more often designers are long gone by the time we start building something. What we get after this process is not what the designer's intent was. It's not what a customer signed off on. Now it used to be that this 'final' result was good enough. That's why Microsoft started working on changing that lack of collaborative design and interactive developer tools. We strongly believe that developers and designers can easily work side by side on the same customer project without breaking each other's 'eggs' and both profit of the synergy that collaboration can have.

Next to the newsletter we're working on a number of activities for you, where you can meet people working on the same challenges and trying to find solutions for similar problems.

Please enjoy the newsletter and do not hesitate to register for future editions or opt not to receive the newsletter any more. And of course feel free to forward to any colleagues or friends that might be interested in this information too.

Luc Van de Velde - Katrien De Graeve
Microsoft Belgium
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