Information for designers and interactive developers - Issue 2 - May 2008
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Newsletter Articles
The designer role - Part 2, by Dax Pandhi

Creating enhanced User Experiences with Windows Presentation Foundation is similar to designing User Experiences for the web, yet different in many aspects as well. In this article we explore these factors and discuss some best practices for designers creating WPF projects in perfect synchronization with the developers.

Usability (is) for everyone, by Peter Coopmans

When I say usability. What do you think of? Overpaid consultants, Nielsen or maybe even of Peter Morville's User Experience honeycomb? I would just like to show you what's usability's really about (according to me anyhow ;-). And let you decide if... usability is for everyone, or not.

There is something in the air, by Nishant Kothary

There's no better way to test a platform than getting it's potential users to build applications on it. So, that's what we've been doing with Silverlight and Expression Studio for the last couple of years: Inviting a board array of customers to come spend ten Days with us at Redmond; And, as they do that, we watch. And learn.

Media Technologies in Silverlight: Windows Media and VC-1, by Ben Waggoner

Silverlight 2 brings several new media features to the platform, which will be described in more detail. By Ben Waggoner.

Architecture - An interview with August de los Reyes

I started out my design education with the intent of going into magazine publishing, but I graduated from college as the Web was taking off, and I learned I had a knack for leveraging the design principles into this new medium. Much like there was a sense of pioneering with the Web ten years ago Microsoft Surface captures the same spirit. Multi-user multi-touch generates unique design problems, and the technology itself is just plain fun.

MIX essentials - see it all online
All sessions are available on-demand on our online video platform called Chopsticks. Review sessions you missed or see it all for the first time if you did not make it to the event. In addition to the recorded sessions, all PowerPoint presentations are also available for download (click the Resources tab next to the video).

Follow us on Twitter @mixessentialsbe, we'll keep you posted on any news regarding MIX essentials, Silverlight and Expression.
The Microsoft DreamSpark student program makes available, at no charge, a broad range of development and design software for download. This includes free access to several commercial products, including Visual Studio 2008 Professional, the Expression suite and XNA Game Studio.
Expression Studio 2 is now available
Download a trial of the new Expression Studio. New features in Blend 2: Silverlight support, vertex animations and an improved user interface with a new split design/XAML view. Expression Web 2: now with PHP support, Photoshop import functionality, improved web standards compliancy, and ASP.NET Ajax server control support and more.
Silverlight rehab video
Folks at the Microsoft Silverlight team in Redmond are quite creative, or are they really in need of rehab? Watch and have fun.