Information for designers and interactive developers - Issue 3 - September 2008
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Newsletter Articles
Visual Story Telling with Deep Zoom - No more low-resolution images

Deep Zoom, a feature in Microsoft Silverlight 2 has the potential to change the way we share pictures online. Until now, downloading high resolution images has never been fun due to long download times. Not any more.

Introducing PHP Support in Expression Web 2

PHP is one of the most popular server-side scripting languages on the Internet today. It is cross-platform, runs on most popular web servers, and it's free. Expression Web 2 includes a powerful set of features for PHP developers. In this article, we will provide a brief summary of the PHP features available in Expression Web 2 to get you up and running

Designing Beautiful Applications with Microsoft Expression by Michael Köster - Part 1

Expression tools provide designers and developers with an immensely powerful set of tools to design and build next-generation user experiences for the desktop and the web. Find out how getting started is actually quite easy!

XAML - What, how, why? - Define nested hierarchies

Along with the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Microsoft also brought you the new XML dialect XAML. Using XAML for software products brings key advantages, not only for designing user interfaces but also a new way to write code using your own classes in a declarative way.

Developing applications that are true to the intended creative vision, with Jonathan Ramirez

Developing applications that are in line with the intended creative vision can be a challenge without the right tools. Jonathan Ramirez talks about how he has used Expression Blend to make it happen.

50 screencasts on Silverlight
If you need some material to start learning Silverlight 2, check out this set of 50 short screencasts delivered by Mike Taulty and Mike Ormond, two evangelists from the UK.
Download a free trial of Expression Studio 2
Download a trial of the new Expression Studio. New features in Blend 2: Silverlight support, vertex animations and an improved user interface with a new split design/XAML view. Expression Web 2: now with PHP support, Photoshop import functionality, improved web standards compliancy, and ASP.NET Ajax server control support and more.
Laguna Coupé with Silverlight and Deep Zoom
Enjoy a Silverlight & DeepZoom experience with the Laguna Coupé microsite, from Renault.

Popfly Game Creator
Maybe you already know Popfly, the platform for building gadgets, mashups and web pages all in a visual way without any coding. Now there is a new feature launched: check out Popfly Game Creator, and build your own game without writing any line of code. Have fun!