July 2009
Newsletter for designers and interactive developers - Issue 6
We are all excited with the launch of the new wave of Silverlight: less than one year after the release of Silverlight 2 the next version has been released.
But that's not all, the new version of Expression Blend also brings quite some new features including rapid prototyping with SketchFlow. In this issue you will find the right articles and links to bring you up to speed on the new versions.
I'd like to end this editorial with an invitation: and invitation to register for the REMIX 2009 event coming to Kinepolis Brussels on September 29th.

Have a good time and see you then!

Katrien De Graeve
Developer Evangelist
Microsoft Belgium and Luxembourg
See the light
Watch The Visual Kitchen - a gourmet show on Design and Development
REMIX 2009 coming to Belgium on September 29th
Register today for REMIX 2009, bringing you the best of MIX09 Las Vegas. Sessions on Silverlight 3, Expression Blend, SketchFlow and more!
Beautiful new tutorials on Blend and SketchFlow
Celso Gomez, a designer in the Expression team, has updated his fantastic tutorial site on Silverlight 3 samples with Expression Blend 3.
The Client Continuum - Workflow - Part 1
"Activating the Application" is the first article in the "Workflow in the .NET Client Continuum" series.
Integration of Adobe CS
Janete Perez shows the flexibility of Photoshop and Illustrator file importing functionality in Expression Blend 3.
SketchFlow Concepts: An Overview
Christian Schormann talks about why SketchFlow came to be and gives an overview of the concepts.
Browser Testing
Morten Rand-Hendriksen introduces browser testing with Expression Web SuperPreview.
Marketing: Nano - Tata Motors
Car finder: Kelly Blue Book
Rich Media: Cover To Cover (Playboy and Rolling Stone Archive)
E-commerce: eBay Sidebar
REMIX 2009 Belgium: Join us on this full-day free event with in-depth sessions for designers and web developers.
Blend 3 - Prototyping in SketchFlow
Blend 3 - Expression Blend 3 Overview
Studio 3 - Expression Studio 3 Overview
Web 3 - Testing Browser Compatibility with SuperPreview
Web 3 - Expression Web 3 Overview
Blend: 3 minutes on Blend 3 series - in Dutch and French
Blend 3 - Adding and Applying Behaviors
Blend 3 - Creating the Game Interface
Blend 3 - Adding Navigation Screens in SketchFlow
Web 3 - DOM view in SuperPreview
Blend: SketchFlow: Sketching and Prototyping in Expression Blend
Web: Getting Started: Transitioning from FrontPage to Expression Web
Blend: Silverlight One Step at A Time
Web: Internet Explorer 8 and the Totally New World of Cascading Style Sheets
Web: Expression Web SuperPreview for IE
Microsoft Web Platform Installer: Drupal, a CMS built on PHP by Belgian Dries Buytaert is now part of the Web Platform Installer. Watch this interview and hear what Dries thinks about this evolution.
Silverlight 3: Silverlight launch post
Live Services: Live Framework APIs
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