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December 2009
Newsletter for designers and interactive developers - Issue 7
On September 29th over 600 attendees saw the light at REMIX 2009 in Kinepolis Brussels.
Thank you all of you that took the time to join us for a day packed with sessions!

You didn’t attend? No worries, we made sure everything is available to be watched at your own leisure via on-demand videos. Starting with the joint keynote where we take you over the evolution we have seen in the Microsoft web stack since our first Mix Essentials event last year. We can really say a lot has evolved since then, with the release of Silverlight 2 in October 2008 and Silverlight 3 just five months ago in July. Along with the Silverlight technology we have also seen the evolution of the tools, with rapid prototyping in Expression Blend SketchFlow, the evolution of the NUI (Natural User Interface) with the Microsoft Surface device and the whole platform with the Microsoft Web Platform Installer.

Our partners were an important part of the whole event and we invite you to watch our partner videos for which you can find easy links here on the right.

Enjoy the reading and the watching, and stay in the light!

Luc Van de Velde, Director, DPE - Microsoft BeLux
Katrien De Graeve, Developer Evangelist – Microsoft BeLux

Emakina – LBi – The Reference on the Microsoft Web Stack
RealDolmen – DigiPoint on NUI and Designer/Developer Workflow
Paratel – Ordina – These Days – Ventigrate on Silverlight and Media
Two new contests: your chance to win a netbook pre-loaded with Windows 7!
Your chance to win some cool prizes and get top notch visibility from the major Belgian web agencies in the jury.
Silverlight Contest
Do you have a creative, cool idea for a Silverlight application? You have until December 12th to participate in this contest – all details can be found in Dutch or French.
Internet Explorer 8 – Webslices and Accelerators Contest
Webslices give your website more stickiness to your website. Accelerators are another way getting recurring visitors by giving them direct access to your site actions from within any other site. You have until December 12th to participate in this contest – all details can be found in Dutch or French.
REMIX 2009 Keynote Online
Part 1
The Evolution of the Microsoft web stack.
Part 2
Silverlight and Expression Blend 3 and SketchFlow.
Part 3
The Evolution of the Natural User Interface.
REMIX 2009 Sessions Online
There were two tracks during the event: a User Experience track around the future of UX, Surface, and Silverlight experiences with Expression Blend 3.
The second track was for web developers, focusing on Silverlight 3, RIA business applications and the new ASP.NET MVC framework.
User Experience
Prototyping UX with SketchFlow – Arturo Toledo
Predicting the Past: A Vision for Microsoft Surface – August de los Reyes
Creating Silverlight Experiences with Expression Blend 3 – Arturo Toledo
The Future of UX and the Emotion Commotion – August de los Reyes
Web Development
What's new in Silverlight 3 – Adam Kinney and Brad Abrams
Building Amazing Business Centric Applications with Microsoft Silverlight 3 – Brad Abrams
Taking advantage of Expression Blend 3 for Developers – Adam Kinney
ASP.NET MVC Wisdom: Building a Real-World Application in 60 minutes – Maarten Balliauw
We launched WebsiteSpark at Remix, a program offering software, support, training and hosting offers for web professionals. If you lacked time to find out more about this program at Remix, we invite you to read all about in on the WebsiteSpark site.
Victoria’s Secret All Access
Sobees Twitter client (out-of-browser)
Experience Smooth Streaming
TED Silverlight 3 Video Player
Michael Jackson's life in pictures
NASA Provides Interactive, 3-D Views
Web 3: Download the Trial version
Web 3: Expression Web 3 Overview
Design 3: Download the Trial version
Encoder 3: Download the Trial version
Encoder 3: What’s new in Expression Encoder 3
Blend 3 and SketchFlow: Download the Trial version
Blend 3: Expression Blend 3 Overview
Studio 3: Download the Trial version
Studio 3: Expression Studio 3 Overview
Silverlight 3: Get Started with Silverlight 3
Deep Zoom Composer: Download the Release Candidate
Blend 3: Adding and Applying Behaviors
Blend 3: Creating the Game Interface
Blend 3: Adding Navigation Screens in SketchFlow
Blend 3: Organizing and Importing Assets
Blend 3: Understanding Layout Containers
Blend 3: Prototyping in SketchFlow
Web 3: DOM view in SuperPreview
Web 3: Identifying the Source of Layout Problems
Web 3: Defining Baseline Browsers in SuperPreview
Web 3: Testing Browser Compatibility with SuperPreview
Blend 3: SketchFlow Part I - Mini tutorial
Blend 3: SketchFlow Part II - Mini tutorial
Blend 3: Dynamic Prototyping with SktechFlow
Design 2: Applying Effects to Bitmap Images
Design 2: Learning about Emphasis
Web 2: Customizing a website template
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