Get free training on Windows Server 2012, Windows 8 and Windows Azure

Microsoft IT Camps are expert led, no cost, hands-on technical training events for IT professionals, centered on the issues and workloads you’re tackling in your environment today.

Windows Server 2012

Join a half day Windows Server 2012 IT Camp, gain deep technical insight into the new features and functionalities of Windows Server 2012. Hands-on demos and interactive discussions with Microsoft technical experts Arlindo Alves (Microsoft) and Mike Resseler (MVP Infront Consulting) will make you an expert in:

  • Server Virtualization: Explore Hyper-V Scale, shared nothing migration, Hyper-V Replica, and what it can do for your organization
  • Storage: Bringing storage and SAN capabilities to everyone with Storage Spaces, thin provisioning, continuous availability file systems, and SMB 3.0
  • Networking: Technologies to help scale throughput with in box NIC teaming, virtualized networking with extensible switch, and more
  • Server Management and Automation: In box management tools to manage single server or groups of servers with Server Manager and automation with PowerShell
  • Identity and Access: New functionality of Active Directory and how it enables Dynamic Access Control
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: Scalable VDI solutions with all the required technologies in box to power your VDI deployments
  • Web and App Plat: Hosting class IIS web platform with new DoS protection, QoS guarantees, and dynamic IP blocking

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Currently no upcoming Windows Server Camps. Please stay tuned, as new dates will be announced soon.

Windows 8

Windows 8 for professionals

Come to our new Windows 8 IT Camps and learn about the new features and capabilities of Windows 8 that make migration, deployment, and management of tomorrow's environments easier for IT while improving the end-user experience.

At this event you'll get first-hand technical, hands-on experience with Windows 8 in the enterprise, exploring new features while you dive into key scenarios around management, deployment, security, desktop virtualization, application development, sideloading, and desktop recovery and mobility.

Get ready for this IT Camp by visiting the Windows 8 TechCenter to access in depth technical resources and download the free Windows 8 Enterprise evaluation.

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Currently no upcoming Windows 8 Camps. Please stay tuned, as new dates will be announced soon.

Windows Azure

Join us at our Windows Azure IT Camps and learn hands-on about Azure Virtual Machines. In literally minutes you'll have a Windows Server, or even a Linux virtual machine up and running in the cloud, while still staying in complete control. Need a virtual machine for just a few hours to do compatibility testing, or do you need to host a secondary AD domain controller for high availability, or maybe you want to put in place a DRS site?

At this event you'll get technical, hands-on experience with Azure Virtual Machines, discovering key scenarios such as migrating existing workloads (e.g. SQL Server) to Azure, hosting Active Directory in the cloud, and managing virtual machine images. In addition, we’ll show how you can securely connect your on-premise network to virtual machines in Azure and expand your network with unlimited computing resources.

Experience the power and flexibility of the Windows Azure platform through a series of hands-on labs:

  • Introduction to Windows Azure Virtual Machines
  • Deploying Active Directory in Windows Azure
  • Understanding Virtual Machine Imaging with Capture

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Currently no upcoming Windows Azure Camps. Please stay tuned, as new dates will be announced soon.