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Windows Vista and 2007 Microsoft Office release
MSDN Windows Vista and Microsoft Office Beta Experience Newsletter No. 5, Aug. 15, 2006 MSDN
Welcome to the 5th edition of the Beta Experience newsletter for Windows Vista and 2007 Microsoft Office system.

The 2007 Microsoft Office system is a unified solution platform composed of programs, servers, services, tools, and technologies. In this issue we take a look at the 2007 Microsoft Office system as a development platform and we provide a list of resources that will help you ramp up and get started with Office development.
Office has evolved from a traditional suite of client-side applications to a framework of applications, server-side solutions, and technologies that allow you to design and build applications. To understand the vision that Microsoft has for Office as a development platform, you can watch Chris Capossela talking about innovations in the client-side user interface and XML-based file formats, as well as investments in new SharePoint server-side capabilities around workflow, content management, search forms, and Excel services.
Andrew Whitechapel and John Peltonen explore platform fundamentals, object model, extensibility points, the toolset, and the benefits offered by Office in their latest MSDN Magazine article: What You Need to Know about Using Office as a Development Platform.

Don’t miss the opportunity of watching the Microsoft Office System Developers Conference 2006 Videos if you are interested in learning more about the specifics related with business intelligence, client development, collaboration, enterprise content management, enterprise project management, Windows SharePoint Services V3 platform, portals, and real world solutions built with the 2007 Microsoft Office System by industry experts.

Our next edition will be a special on the Open XML File Formats and the .NET Framework 3.0.

Hope to see you again soon.

Erika Ehrli
Site Manager
MSDN Office Developer Center

How to leverage Windows Live
Windows Live Windows Live Building Mashups

Mashups are applications that take data from different sources and combine it to form new services or user experiences. By providing open, accessible APIs, the Windows Live Platform offers the opportunity to create mashups using the core services and data of Windows Live. Now you can build applications and mashups that combine your innovation with the power of Windows Live services and social relationships. To create highly interactive mashup web sites, have a look at the ASP.NET Atlas Framework: Atlas Showcase. This showcase highlights applications built on Atlas, a free framework for building a new generation of richer, more interactive Web applications. Atlas makes it easy to take advantage of AJAX techniques on the Web.
Good starting point to explore the APIs are the Windows Live Dev Portal and of course MSDN Online – have a look at the Windows Live Developer Center on MSDN.
Windows Live Messenger Windows Live Windows Live Messenger

Want to interact with Windows Live Messenger? Add new abilities to the Windows Live Messenger client with the Messenger Add-in SDK beta . Of course it is also possible to exploit the entire object model of Messenger. The Messenger Activity SDK contains technical information about how to develop and test single-user and multiuser applications by using the Activity object model. The SDK also provides detailed information about the MSN development and testing requirements that your Activity must meet, and how to increase the usage of your MSN Messenger Activity application.
Windows Live Windows Live Windows Live Local

Windows Live Local (powered by Virtual Earth) is a street-level map of world, combined with aerial photography and stunning 3D-Views and linked to an ever-growing directory. If you want to integrate maps, annotated maps and powerful location search into your application, the Virtual Earth Interactive SDK is for you.
Windows Live Search Windows Live Windows Live Search

Want to include Search into your web sites and application? Windows Live Search makes it possible. Calling the Search Engine APIs is pretty straightforward, but you can also dig deeper and use features like Search Macros to increase the relevance of your search results.
Windows Live Windows Live Windows Live Gadgets

Windows Live Gadgets are close relatives to Windows Vista Gadgets. The recently published Windows Live Gadget SDK will help you create your own Windows Live Gadgets. If you are new to Gadgets or want to play with existing ones, Microsoft Gadgets is the place to go. You will find excellent introductions to gadget programming and a huge repository of existing gadgets.

And there is more to come. No matter if you create desktop or web applications, Windows Live will unlock a vast range of functionality and data for your application.

3D XAML Tool for next generation applications
ZAM 3D   
A New 3D XAML tool from Electric Rain provides developers and designers with a quick and easy solution for creating 3D interface elements for Windows Vista based applications.
More information...

Free download of the ZAM 3D Community Technology Preview

Mike Soucie and Jim Foley from Electric Rain did some training on their ZAM3D tool.
These sessions are now available at Channel 9. Take a look at them, learn a bit about ZAM3D and how it's helping designers to model, animate, add textures and lights to 3D models that can then be exported to XAML.

Channel 9 Introduction and Basic Object Creation

Channel 9 Basic Extrusion, Lathe, Textures, Animation

Channel 9 Advanced Modeling, Incorporating 3D into Expression

Channel 9 Where is ZAM3D heading to? Electric Rain 3D demos

Getting Started Resources
MSDN Office Development Center 
Get the latest news for Office developers.
2007 Microsoft Office System 
Visit this one-stop shop for articles, code samples, SDKs, references, and more.
Office Bloggers
Meet the Office developer community.
InfoPath 2007 Managed Object Model Poster
Take a deep dive into some of the new and enhanced objects.
What You Need to Know about Using Office as a Development Platform
Get the facts from Andrew Whitechapel and John Peltonen.
2007 Microsoft Office System Videos
14 videos about SharePoint Products and Technologies, Open XML File Formats, and Office.
Microsoft Office System Developers Conference 2006 Videos
63 conference sessions in 8 technical tracks.
Watch webcasts and attend in-person events.
4 shows about Access, Excel Services, Outlook, and SharePoint Products and Technologies.
Office Channel 9 Videos
18 interviews with the product teams, as well as Bill Gates.
Technical Articles
Customizing the Office (2007) Ribbon User Interface for Developers
Add consistency across applications with the new RibbonX UI.
Introducing the Microsoft Office (2007) Open XML File Formats
Easily exchange data using XML and ZIP technologies.
What's New for Developers in OneNote 2007
Discover new developer features and learn how to use them.
What's New for Developers in Outlook 2007
Get a top-level view of the enhancements and additions for developers in Outlook 2007.
What's New for Developers in Word 2007
Content controls, XML mapping, the Word XML Format, and more.
Planning MCMS 2002 Application Migration to SharePoint Server 2007
Use this guide in planning your migration to SharePoint 2007.
Project Server 2007: Getting Started with a New Platform for Developers
Explore the Project Server 2007 functionality that uses a completely new platform.
Developer Introduction to Workflows for Windows SharePoint Services V3
Get an overview of the workflow capabilities of the Windows Workflow Foundation.

Develop without Borders   
Reach out and make a difference. Design an application on the 2007 Microsoft Office system between now and October 1, 2006 to help your favorite charity. The best applications win a share of over $160,000 in awards to help put your concept in action. Find out more here!

InfoPath 2007 Managed Object Model Poster 
Download this poster and get a deep dive into some of the new and enhanced objects in the InfoPath 2007 managed object model.
Developer Map for SharePoint Products and Technologies Poster
Download this poster and discover the developer roadmap for Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies.
2007 Office System Sample: Open XML File Format Code Snippets for Visual Studio 2005
Download and install these snippets to your Visual Studio code snippet folder and use them when customizing Excel 2007, PowerPoint 2007, and Word 2007.
Clinic 5046: Inside Look at Building and Developing Solutions with SharePoint Server 2007
Learn how to develop solutions using SharePoint Server 2007. It covers platform features and how to build, extend and assemble SharePoint Server solutions.
Clinic 3370: Getting Started with SharePoint Server 2007 (Beta)
Explore the design goals and features of SharePoint Server 2007 and learn how to manage documents and Web content.
Office Developer Center

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