BizSpark Graduation

Startups who are members of Microsoft BizSpark can access and download a wide range of Microsoft software during the three years they are in the program. BizSpark Startups who are coming up to the end of their three years in the program want to know:

What happens at the end of three years in BizSpark?

The graduation process opens 3 months prior to your graduation date. You will be sent an email inviting you to complete it. Complete the graduation process to get:


Keep, at no charge, all the software you downloaded during the three years you were in the BizSpark program. If you have servers in production, you will get licenses to continue to use up to 4 Windows Servers (Standard Edition) and 2 SQL Servers (Standard Edition). The BizSpark team will review requests for startups who need a different configuration.


Access LIMITED TIME DISCOUNT OFFERS to purchase* a subscription and/or maintenance to keep your software updated for two years:

DISCOUNTED MSDN SUBSCRIPTIONS: renew your MSDN Subscription at the Professional, Premium, or Ultimate level enabling you to continue to download the latest software, access MSDN technical support and utilize the monthly Windows Azure platform benefits at no cost.

DISCOUNTED SOFTWARE ASSURANCE: if you have servers in production, you can purchase the first two years of Software Assurance at a 50% discount, enabling you to access ongoing maintenance and upgrade your servers when a new version is released.

* Detailed pricing information on the Discounted MSDN Subscriptions and Software Assurance Offers is available (login required). Offers are available up to 3 months after your graduation date and upon completion of the graduation process.


On your graduation date, you become a BizSpark Alumni. As an alumni member, you can get offers and access to special Alumni promotional opportunities to connect with the BizSpark Community via BizSpark Connect and access the latest news through the BizSpark Alumni newsletter.