Get an AppCampus grant to help build your Windows Phone app

Apply now to get up to €70K!


AppCampus offers grants to startups in the BizSpark program to help support their efforts to build compelling Windows Phone apps. AppCampus offers a guaranteed number of grants to BizSpark startups, ranging from €20,000-€70,000. AppCampus also provides coaching services, training in mobile technology, design and usability support. AppCampus doesn’t take equity or commission, but selected apps will need to be available exclusively on the Windows Phone or Nokia platforms for the first six months.

What is AppCampus looking for?

Broadly, the criteria are:

  1. Innovative. First-to-Market
  2. Not already in competing app marketplaces or building the app on a competitive platform. Note that your existing app may qualify if you enhance your app significantly on the Windows Phone platform by taking full advantage of the Windows Phone platform capability.
  3. Supports key features as they become available (for example maps, location-awareness, camera, near-field communications, accelerometer, Live Tiles, push notification, in-app purchase, in-app advertising, in-app analytic, try-buy, and subscriptions).
  4. Design elegance, technical quality and performance (proto, mock-up, design documents).
  5. Potential to drive momentum (promoting mobile user experience, new areas of mobile usage, mobile business innovation etc.)

Of particular interest are companies that are also developing on other Microsoft technologies, including Windows 8 and Windows Azure, Microsoft’s Cloud Computing Platform. To qualify, startups need to be members of BizSpark. You can find out more about how to apply for the BizSpark program here.

How to apply for a Grant

Simply click on the "Apply now!" link below, and you’ll be directed to the AppCampus application site* where you can review the AppCampus grant program and complete the brief application. In question #15, please include your BizSpark Account ID (and the name of your Microsoft sponsor, if you have one). Companies will be selected and notified quarterly.

*By clicking the button you will leave the Microsoft website and be directed to a third-party website.