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2011 Microsoft WPC Partner Awards


Get in the Race: 2011 Microsoft WPC Partner Awards

As a BizSpark member, you can participate in the WPC Partner of the Year Awards. These prestigious awards can help you get press, industry, analyst, and Microsoft recognition – not to mention standing out against your competition! If you have a great startup – show the world!

The details:
  • Important: The 2011 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference Submission Tool will close on April 29, 2011 at 11:59pm Pacific Time. (The original deadline date, April 15, has been extended).
How to Apply:
What you can win:
  • Free Registration – the Emerging Business Team will pay the WPC registration fee for any BizSpark Company that wins in any category
  • Recognition – Winners and Finalists will get a dedicated case study (published on Microsoft.com and syndicated widely to other sites), as well as such things as customized logos and web banners that help you showcase your company as an honored Microsoft partner and custom public relations templates to help promote your distinction
  • Exclusive Access – The WPC is extremely well-attended by channel partners, resellers, systems integrators and other developers. As well as the networking opportunity that offers, winners get public recognition in front of your peers, customers, press, analysts, and Microsoft executives and the opportunity to network with Microsoft executives and strengthen relationships with Microsoft business groups.
Is there a category for me?
  • There are many categories, including the BizSpark Partner of the Year award (found under the Emerging Technologies & Innovation Awards category)! On the technology side, there are also categories such as the Azure Partner of the Year, High Performance Computing Partner of the Year, and the Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Business Excellence Partner of the Year. In the competency area there are such categories as: Business Intelligence Partner of the Year, Identity & Security Partner of the Year, Mobility Partner of the Year, Mobility Business to Business Application Partner of the Year, Mobility Business to Consumer Application Partner of the Year, Search Partner of the Year, Unified Communications Partner of the Year, and Virtualization Partner of the Year.
Can a startup win in categories other than BizSpark?
  • Yes. As a startup you have (at least) two “genetic” advantages over established businesses: you are much more likely to be an early adopter of new technologies, like Azure, CRM Online, or Office 365; and you are – by definition – doing something new, innovative and likely disruptive. You’ll stand out for exactly those reasons.
We even have proof: a startup from our community, Lokad, previously won Windows Azure Partner of the Year!

How can I improve my chances of winning?
See all the details, including tips and instructions on how to apply, on the 2011 Microsoft WPC Partners Awards site.

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