Hire talented Microsoft Certified Professionals, on demand.

As a startup we understand that you often don’t have the time or people to grow your business as fast as you’d like. With over 1.6MM contractors around the world, oDesk helps grow your business quickly and efficiently by leveraging cost-effective, on demand talent. oDesk enables you to hire, manage, and pay remote contractors and developers from around the world as if they were in the same office, allowing for tremendous flexibility and a world of possibilities.

Find Microsoft Certified Professionals for .NET, SQL, Windows Mobile and more - and get a head start with a $100 credit.

Why hire on oDesk?

  • Flexibility: Ramp up and down, from short-term engagements to full-time teams.
  • Cost Savings: Cost effective global staffing. Pay only for hours worked.
  • Access to Talent: Hire the best from around the world (including hundreds of Microsoft Certified Professionals).
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"oDesk gave me a great way to hire really talented programmers at an affordable rate."

- Ted Prodromou - Owner, NetBizExpert