When you have multiple PCs in your start-up, you're sure to have the typical maintenance and technical issues to handle. Now there's a way to manage them at a fraction of the normal cost and save time and frustration with Soluto.

Downloaded on over 1 million managed PCs, Soluto lets IT pros oversee all the PCs they manage in one place, receive email alerts when things go wrong, remedy them with one click from any browser - even when the supported PC supported is shut down. Soluto gives you -

  • Simple 1-Click Actions for many tasks. It's like you have another employee doing the ‘dirty' work.
  • People Friendly Remote Access. Designed for the best non-intrusive experience, from any browser.
  • Full control of your time. Maintain PCs even when they are shut down.
  • Proactive Real-Time Automated Alerts.

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