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Founder Dating

Help Unlock More Entrepreneurship in Your City

Help Unlock More Entrepreneurship in Your City

Is your community entrepreneurial? Help them join the FounderDating Network by getting at least 50 applications.

FounderDating is for those who are truly committed or ready to commit to starting a company full-time or a very meaningful part-time project to work on. FounderDating isn’t about finding a job, it’s about finding your passion. Apply now!

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FounderDating is a network of talented entrepreneurs with different backgrounds and skill sets all ready to start their next company or project. All too often you know people with similar backgrounds and skills sets to your own. We help you find cofounders with complementary skill sets

Like so many good ideas, FounderDating was born out of a cup of coffee (or maybe it was diet coke) and personal frustration. We have met countless uber talented people who want to become entrepreneurs but haven’t yet found the right co-founder(s)/team or idea to work on. We believe team and finding the right fit is of the utmost importance and we don’t want to see anyone walk away from entrepreneurship because they don’t have the right partner. So, we started FounderDating to help introduce smart, dedicated and inspired people, start making matches and lower the hurdles to company creation.

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