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Featured Network Partner

Company: Kuadriga
Interviewee: Tim Trækjær, regional market manager

Kuadriga is a Danish .NET development center that provides outsourced development services from Kiev, Ukraine. The company specializes in helping independent software vendors (ISVs) who are either in the idea stage or at a product marketing point in their development. By offering dedicated software development teams that are supported by a shared process, IT, and personnel, Kuadriga helps Startups move quickly from idea to execution through a ‘near-source’ outsourcing solution. Kuadriga is also a launching partner of EuroCloud in both Denmark and Ukraine. EuroCloud is Europe’s first-ever SaaS and cloud services business community. Tim Trækjær, regional market manager for Kuadriga, is a EuroCloud board member. Here’s our conversation with him.

Q: What is EuroCloud and why is it important to the Startup community?

I’m a board member of the Danish chapter of Eurocloud. It’s an SaaS and cloud computing organization that strives to improve the business ecosystem and global networking and other areas that are critical to Startups. It’s an excellent platform for Startups to be involved with, and it can help them immensely if they intend to do business in Europe. There are many networking possibilities and EuroCloud can help them find the business partners they need.

Q: How does Kuadriga help ISVs?

We realize their product vision and get them to market fast, with minimum cost. Kuadriga offers dedicated open-ended teams, ad hoc specialists, and QA/test services to our Danish and European clients. So it’s near-shore outsourcing, really, which enables start-ups to ramp up quickly with highly skilled and innovative resources. Our business model is designed to proactively keep young businesses from making the mistakes that other have made when engaging in an outsourcing endeavor.

Q: When did you first hear about BizSpark?

From the day I started working here, BizSpark was part of Kuadriga. Initially, it was only used for the network potential of finding new clients, but now you can say that Startups are in our blood in Kuadriga. We have a genuine interest in the Startup environment. Several of our customers are Startups and with our help their have made the journey from Startup to successful thriving businesses.

Q: How do you find Startups to enroll in the program?

I held a seminar about BizSpark and near-shore outsourcing at an incubation environment which was very helpful. I’m also in the process of doing this in several other incubation environments. Attending events like Innovate100 and other activities in the start-up environment are a great way to attract Startups, too.

Q: Tell us about your role in Innovate100.

We attended training in the G/Score system from Guidewire Group founder Mike Segal and we’re currently on tour with the Innovate100 Pitch Slam Tour. Guidewire Group is a global market intelligence and advisory firm passionate about technology entrepreneurship. Its exclusive focus on early-stage companies and emerging technology markets is a perfect fit for Kuadriga – we target the same types of companies. We’re seeing Startups from a wide variety of countries, which is very exciting. In time, we will judge additional events where we will have the opportunity to evaluate some interesting start-ups.

Q: What are your Startups saying about BizSpark?

They think it’s great! They know there are no hidden agendas, just hope that more companies use the MS platform. But that’s out in the open for everybody to see and there is no ‘bad’ flip side to that coin. We’ve signed on ten Startups so far and have seen an increase in enrollments lately. They are very interested in the complete back catalogue because it’s so helpful when developing a product that will be used in many different permutations of the different versions of servers, browsers, and other products. And, of course, they love the easy access to the newest software before it officially launches.

For more information, contact Tim Trækjær at TTra@kuadriga.com