Azure for BizSpark Plus

Azure for BizSpark Plus helps cover a startup’s cloud computing costs by providing a US $5K monthly credit on Microsoft Azure for 12 months.

Through this offer, every dollar startups save on their cloud computing costs means more money for them to spend elsewhere for hiring developers, investing in marketing, acquiring new customers, etc.

Get the offer

Are you a member or alumni of an Accelerator? Contact the director of your Accelerator to get a nomination for Azure for BizSpark Plus.

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Are you graduating from BizSpark Plus?

Upon graduation, your free BizSpark Plus Azure benefits expire and you will be automatically switched to "pay-as-you-go" using the credit card you provided when applying to the BizSpark Plus program.

If you would like help with the BizSpark Plus graduation process or learn about other offers we have available, please reach out to us directly using the email at

Thank you for being part of the BizSpark Plus program.