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Green Button

Why let others decide what you need? Name your price to compute intense workloads in the cloud.

Sports New Media

Sports New Media works with athletes, agents and associations to manage, moderate, and monetize social media pages.


A simple, affordable scheduling system that can help a small business grow. Brilliant!


Crowd-sourced speech recognition algorithm technology at lightning speed? Sure, we have that.

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David Bloom wanted to create an entirely new way for restaurants and consumers to connect and transact. In his words, here is how he launched a company that, in just three years, is the world’s fastest growing restaurant ecommerce network...

Warwick Analytics

Challenge: locate root causes of manufacturing faults quickly. Done! Next challenge, please...


Simple, accessible cloud-based RFID: Sometimes an out-there idea really works. ...


When starting a business is like throwing a party. Looking for inspiration to start a business? Look to your very bad days. That, at least, is what worked for Cortney Hope Johnston. The end of a very bad day turned into the start of a very successful business...


New forms of journalism are rising from the ruins of failed newspapers throughout the country. If Eric Paradis is right, one of those forms will bring together local writers and advertisers. He’s planning to help...


If you can do it in Nigeria, you can do it anywhere. Almost every entrepreneur everywhere complains about the scarcity of funding. It’s especially tough in Nigeria, where traditional society can frown on entrepreneurs. Owolabi Olatunji is bucking tradition...


Entrepreneurship the second time around. The more online research you do, the more tabs you create in your browser and the more folders you create on your PC and the more disorganized you get. Someone should do something about it. Oh, the Rapoport brothers already have?...


Preparing for world domination. As winner of the Twin Cities Startup weekend, this location-based social media game company has gamers battling for world domination. But how is QONQR preparing for its own world domination? By going against the grain and saying no to VC funding...