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More than 100 great British chefs. Millions of great-chef wannabes. 1 digital publishing business that brings them both together using Microsoft Azure. Yum!


When you need to know what’s happening in crowdfinance, you need the whole story. Get it with Crowdnetic, the centralized hub for real-time market data aggregated from platforms across the globe.


Are you anxious when cooking meals with multiple dishes at home? With Microsoft Azure supporting YumvY’s unhurried online meal assistant, anxiety will quickly melt away.


Need to connect and share files easily with others on all types of devices? Toss a Phriz.be and be done!

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One social network. Hundreds of stock market charts and data tools. Thousands of traders sharing ideas with one another in real-time. You’ll never be alone with the markets again!


Part stock trading learning tool, part stock market tip resource. Totally ingenious...


Ninsoft’s desktop/cloud solution on Microsoft Azure makes owning a small business fun again...


CEO Ondrej Homola explains how his startup, Corinth, found an untapped market niche and is making learning more playful and inspirational for students of all ages...


For SmartCloud, it’s been a long journey to reach success. CEO Kim Mayyasi and CTO Steve Fraleigh share their thoughts on using Big Data, AI and Microsoft Azure to solve the challenges of real-world data processing in the energy and utilities industry...


David Bloom wanted to create an entirely new way for restaurants and consumers to connect and transact. In his words, here is how he launched a company that, in just three years, is the world’s fastest growing restaurant ecommerce network...


Simple, accessible cloud-based RFID: Sometimes an out-there idea really works. ...

Warwick Analytics

Challenge: locate root causes of manufacturing faults quickly. Done! Next challenge, please...