Are you operating in a mixed environment of Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies?

If so, there are some great interoperability resources available for you.

Tools and Resources:

  • The Interoperability Lab Center is run by the Microsoft Interoperability Strategy Group and is dedicated to technical collaborative work with the community, start-ups, and organizations using mixed environment of Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies (including Open Source). Our goal is to improve interoperability between technologies and provide the tools needed for successful development in a mixed environment. In this site, you will find a directory of freely downloadable technical interop bridges, labs, and related content such as demos, technical guidance, how-to, videos, and articles.
  • Participate in the interoperability discussion via the Interoperability at Microsoft Blog.

Cloud Resources

As many start-ups are looking for a cloud solution or just a way to assess cloud offerings as seen on the BizSpark Azure page, the Interoperability Site has two portals that provide SDKs, Tools, Samples, Demos, and more to help you get started!

Interested in the Open Cloud Platform? Visit:

Mobile Resources

The mobile platform is a hot topic right now with the community and start-ups. While BizSpark has offers and promotions for Windows Phone 7 developer, what if you’re an iPhone or Android developer? Not to worry, visit the Windows Phone 7 Portal for resources on how to get started building your app for Windows Phone 7. There are great resources to help you get started!

Web Resources

Currently the industry is watching the future of web standards, the browsers, and HTML5. Many companies and OSS browser providers are engaging in the standards and HTML5 discussion. The Interoperability team has created a sandbox where developers can test their browser apps in IE9 and ensure their app is stable and meets the HTML5 standards. Developers can also see the latest prototypes and status. Check out the HTML5 sandbox now!