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Sage Software and Microsoft: Comparison

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Why switch to Microsoft Dynamics? Three great reasonsWhy switch to Microsoft Dynamics? Three great reasons
Customer evidence: See how switching to Microsoft benefited other companiesCustomer evidence: See how switching to Microsoft benefited other companies
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Why switch to Microsoft Dynamics? Three great reasons

Making the decision to change your company's financial management system is a process that requires research and foresight. Here are three top reasons why businesses using Sage financial management products have decided to make the switch to Microsoft Dynamics.

Microsoft Dynamics can grow with your business
Microsoft Dynamics scales higher than Sage MAS products in terms of number of optimal users, number of warehouse locations supported, complexity of account systems supported, and more. In short, Microsoft Dynamics gives you the flexibility and power you need for your growing inventory management, distribution and reporting needs. And because Microsoft Dynamics products can scale to meet expanded needs, you reduce the cost of adding new users and functions as your business grows.

Microsoft Dynamics smoothly integrates your financial processes with your other business operations
If you're already using Microsoft Office and Windows, you'll find that Microsoft Dynamics is easy to use and works smoothly with the familiar Microsoft products you're already using. What's more, the underlying programming technology for Microsoft Dynamics is based on a standardized architecture that lends itself to outstanding third-party product integration. Our customers often benefit from smooth integration between Microsoft Dynamics and vertical or proprietary software.

Microsoft has a clear vision for the future and a commitment to investment in innovation to benefit your business now and in the future
Microsoft Dynamics is backed by technology that gives you the speed, power, and functionality to grow with your business. Microsoft's level of investment in business software is unprecedented in the accounting software industry. Wouldn't you rather run your company on an accounting system that is more likely to embrace and leverage new technologies as they emerge?

Bonus great reason to switch: If you make the decision to switch, Microsoft's team of experienced partners will work with you for a smooth transition and to help set up your business for success for the future. Find out more about how a local Microsoft partner can help your business.

Customer evidence: See how switching to Microsoft benefited other companies

View the case studies in this section to see how companies using other products solved real business problems and benefited from switching to business solutions that are now part of the Microsoft Dynamics family of products.

From Peachtree to Microsoft Dynamics:

Construction company increases efficiencies, builds customer satisfaction
Mr. Shower Door, a company that provides high-quality shower enclosures to a large number of customers, outgrew its Peachtree accounting system and switched to Microsoft Great Plains (now Microsoft Dynamics GP). Now the company responds to customer needs more rapidly, manages inventory more cost-effectively, has the financial control and insight to steer the business in the most profitable direction, and enjoys increased efficiencies throughout the organization. Read this case study.

Building contractor integrates systems, improves information access for better business decisions
Before switching to Microsoft Solomon (now Microsoft Dynamics SL), building contractor ATS Automation ran its business on an aging version of Peachtree accounting software various versions of Microsoft Excel, and a few vertical applications. Today, the accounting staff spends 50% less time on routine administrative tasks. And everyone has access to up-to-date project data to make better decisions—especially valuable for remote offices and project managers. Read this case study.

Genica achieves total automation of ordering, processing, and shipping—keeping on budget, and on time
Genica Corporation, an internet supplier of computers and peripherals, was manually completing many tasks that they knew could be performed automatically with the right solution. After switching from Peachtree to Microsoft Solomon (now Microsoft Dynamics SL), they have achieved "total automation" of the ordering, processing, inventory, and shipping processes. The migration was implemented within budget and in a time frame that exceeded expectations. Read this case study.

Integrated systems lead to efficient processes: Gourmet burger chain ups productivity by 20 percent with financial management solution
Cowboy Red, a franchisee of RedRobinRestaurants in Texas, needed an accounting system that would integrate with its current inventory software and produce detailed reporting. Since switching from its Peachtree financial management solution to Microsoft Great Plains (now Microsoft Dynamics GP), the franchise has integrated its restaurant management and financial systems, increased the efficiency of key business processes by 20 percent, and improved reporting. Read this case study.

From MAS90 or MAS200 to Microsoft Dynamics

Explosive growth—without increasing staff—made possible with the help of new software
After switching from MAS90 to Microsoft Navision (now Microsoft Dynamics NAV), wine distributor W.J. Deutsch & Sons, Ltd., has been able to focus on what they do best: sell fine wines without having to deal with system issues. Thanks to the switch, the company was able to manage explosive growth effectively without increasing sales and processing staff. Read this case study.

Blue Stuff improves order processing and "saves thousands of dollars"
Blue Stuff, Inc., sells and distributes EMU health and beauty products to over 1.5 million customers. Using the MAS90 system required the company to batch entries, which cost them in time, orders, and profits. Since switching from MAS90 to Microsoft Great Plains (now Microsoft Dynamics GP), order processing time has been reduced by 25%; order capacity has increased, preventing the previous problem of lost orders; and the accounting, order processing, and the third-party fulfillment center systems are integrated, improving customer service and productivity. Read this case study.

Customizing for unique needs helps Allison Payment Systems increase productivity, speed processing time
Specialty commercial printer Allison Payment Systems had been using a heavily customized MAS90 DOS-based program not compatible with any of the Microsoft products on the market today, and they couldn't export information to create reports. After switching to Microsoft Axapta (now Microsoft Dynamics ERP), the company's business solution integrates smoothly with AccuTrac, a postal solution which tracks mailing and shipping costs accurately back to each client. This integration enables Allison Payment to run over 4,000 production orders per day. Implementation has resulted in improved job tracking, productivity increases of 15 to 20 percent, and coupon-book/billings processing that's over ten times faster. Read this case study.

From ACCPAC to Microsoft Dynamics

Gourmet food manufacturer improves reporting and integrates systems to drive revenue, trims costs, and get set for growth
Following an acquisition, gourmet food manufacturer and distributor Angostura World Harbors found the new corporate financial reporting requirements extremely difficult to meet using the existing ACCPAC Plus system and their other disparate applications and databases. After implementing Microsoft Great Plains (now Microsoft Dynamics GP), the company now has access to accurate reporting based on current data and smoothly integrated systems, allowing for better cost control, better business planning, and more effective customer service. Read this case study.

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