Windows Server 2012 : Take on the World

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    Windows Server 2012 : Take on the World

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    • Safeguard your business-critical systems on limited bandwidth and budget with Hyper-V Replica.
    • Enjoy flexible and scalable storage with an affordable Storage Area Network-like solution that doesn’t require expensive hardware.
    • Economically virtualise your cables and ports by running virtual networks as well as virtual servers with Hyper-V Network Virtualization.
    The chance to serve world-class clients may come just once in the lifetime of a growing small enterprise. When that day comes, you’d better be ready to seize it with world-class IT. Windows Server 2012 provides practical and affordable features for any company planning to take on the world, such as disaster recovery, flexible consolidated storage and network virtualization
    For every forward-looking small enterprise, the day may come when you catch that big fish: a top-tier client, possibly a multinational, looking for your unique selection of services. Stepping up to the world stage means meeting world-class expectations for your IT capabilities. Will your company have what it takes to host business-critical systems, protect data and provide the high levels of reliability and availability that multinationals expect? And can you afford the IT upgrades needed to tackle this new challenge?
    For years, businesses the world over have relied on Windows Server solutions with Hyper-V Virtualization for their IT infrastructure. Now, Windows Server 2012 takes a step beyond to provide premium features for the majority of small and medium businesses that have limited budgets for physical infrastructure and bandwidth.
    When you upgrade to Windows Server 2012, your small or medium business will enjoy features such as international-grade disaster recovery replication, flexible storage consolidation and network virtualization.

    Reassurance through replication

    To work with top-tier clients, your business will need to meet a minimum level of disaster recovery requirements without compromising application performance. That’s easier said than done for a small enterprise with limited resources.
    For large enterprises, disaster recover can be accomplished through Storage Area Networks (SAN). These solutions provide a means of protecting the entire data inventory through synchronous replication, which ‘mirrors’ data volumes. Unfortunately for smaller companies, SAN replication is expensive in terms of software licenses as well as storage hardware. What’s more, synchronous replication requires plenty of high-speed bandwidth, and can sometimes cause applications to slow down as it copies data.
    Windows Server 2012 features Hyper-V Replica, a software-based asynchronous replication solution that replicates virtual machines over typical commercial bandwidth – all you need is a WAN link to replicate the virtual machines between the Hyper-V 2012 hosts in two locations. Instead of synchronous replication, Replica uses asynchronous replication, which will copy data every five minutes or so, ensuring that you only lose a few minutes of work if a volume goes offline. Plus, there’s no need for third-party licenses or expensive SAN arrays.

    Any disk will do

    As your business grows to the level of the world stage, your storage requirements will increase as well. What if you want a flexible storage pool, the kind provided by a SAN, without the attendant hardware costs? Windows Server 2012 has that covered, too.
    Now, you can use the Storage Spaces feature to create “SAN-less SAN” from inexpensive SAS and SATA disks. By virtualizing your storage, you’ll be able to access storage from anywhere within your company. Storage Spaces lets you create vast thin virtual disks, so that you’ll only have to add physical disks when you really need them.
    With the new storage enhancements in Windows Server 2012, you can also achieve storage space savings of up to 90%, while improving data integrity, availability and scalability. Thanks to Windows Server 2012, your company will have the storage flexibility to quickly expand to fulfill the needs of international clients.

    Untangle your networks

    To be ready for world-class clientele, your business will need to have an adaptable network infrastructure. Luckily for you, setting up separate networks for different business units or customers is just as easy as managing storage in Windows Server 2012. Just as Storage Spaces allows you to virtualize your storage hardware, Network Virtualization allows you to virtualize your cables and ports.
    With Hyper-V Network Virtualization, you’ll have to flexibility to rearrange your virtual machines within your virtual infrastructure while maintaining their network assignments and IP addresses. You can set policies to isolate network traffic for different clients, regardless of how the underlying physical cables and ports are set up. With Windows 2012, you’ll have all the tools you need to automate and consolidate your networking processes and resources, so that your new clients will always have access to the services you’ve promised.
    Get your business ready for world-class clients today. Learn more about the benefits of Windows Server 2012 at