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Improve citizen engagement in 4 ways starting today

Citizens expect a high quality of service, while government workers expect a high standard of connectivity, so they can be productive anywhere, any time. So IT professionals in government departments are under pressure to deliver new capabilities and support greater flexibility, while reducing both risk and costs. As a strategic partner, our focus is on enabling you to achieve your objectives with ever more effective tools and new capabilities.

Microsoft Windows and Office products are designed to create real impact by enhancing teamwork, sharing and socializing of information to help generate greater results both internally and externally. Our products and solutions can help you better serve the needs of today’s citizens by:

  1. Improving service delivery and citizen engagement
  2. Enhancing efficiency through workplace modernization
  3. Reducing IT costs
  4. Maximizing security and control

Why should you upgrade your technology?

Upgrading your technology infrastructure can help you meet the growing needs of today, while offering the flexibility to evolve with future demands. Windows and Office upgrades are quick to implement, offering you enhanced tools that allows you to:

  • Connect staff in different departments and even citizens. This will enable a more streamlined operation that leads to better collaboration, quicker and better informed decisions, more transparency and increased productivity.
  • Offer remote access for your staff, from anywhere, on various devices. Documents can be reviewed, edited and shared from any browser connected to the internet without the issues of firewalls and network addresses/IDs. The solutions can be easily and securely tailored to the unique needs of your government agency.
  • Simplify administration and gain cost savings. Bringing your technology up to date can help make the best use of your resources. The benefits of this range from lower storage requirements to more efficient power usage to better uptime and disaster recovery support.
  • Be assured that all information is protected and complies with security and privacy regulations. Microsoft Windows and Office security features also protect users and systems against malware and other security threats.
  • Get technical support around-the-clock online or through our 24-hour technical telephone support. Product patches, updates and training packages are also easily available online.
Contact your Microsoft representative today to find the Microsoft solutions that work best for you.


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