PC Workstation to Surface Pro: Smooth Business Transition

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PC Workstation to Surface Pro: Smooth Business Transition

PC Workstation to Surface Pro:  A Smooth Business Transition

With the ever-increasing number of mobile workers and their need for flexible work environments and tools, the tablet form factor is fast becoming a top contender in the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) movement among progressive and fast-growing businesses. The Surface Pro tablet is armed with many capabilities that mirror those of a Windows workstation – desktop or laptop – that should be considered when making a business equipment purchase decision. Here are just a few:

It’s got a Credential Manager: Because tablets are often shuttled between personal and business use, a tablet owner may have multiple passwords and usernames to remember. In the Windows 8 Control Panel on Surface Pro is the Windows' Credentials feature that easily manages that data. You can add and store a domain user's credentials locally and the domain credentials are immediately associated as a persistent enterprise connection. This sets up good communication between the business domain and this tablet-side feature.

There’s a simple way to expand storage space: Storage Spaces is another handy business-class feature - you can add an external USB drive to the Surface Pro and create a storage pool - either to extend your storage capacity (the Surface Pro comes with 128GB SSD) or to create a mirror to protect data stored on your local drive. You do need to run the account as a user with local admin permissions. You'll also need a USB flash or external drive with at least 7GB of storage.

Keep your data safe with BitLocker: BitLocker allows Surface Pro users to secure data on the tablet using AES encryption. Using Group Policy in Server 2012, administrators can control BitLocker access. For example, you can give domain users the ability to only use BitLocker on their own removable USB drives, or disable the feature altogether.

These are just a few of the many capabilities of a Surface Pro tablet integrated with a Windows domain. Windows desktop users transitioning over to a Surface Pro tablet will not miss any of the capabilities of a Windows workstation, although they might need to get used to the modern tile interface. Windows system administrators will find the Surface Pro tablet as easy to integrate into a domain as any workstation.

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