Windows Server 2012

Windows Server 2012

Running Windows Server 2003? Learn why you should upgrade

If you’re running Windows Server 2003, you’re running 10 year old technology. Substantial improvements have been made in those 10 years that help businesses compete better in today’s marketplace.

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Built to serve your business

Windows Server 2012 delivers the most flexible, cost-effective IT infrastructure yet, both physical and virtual, to customers running the Windows Server platform. It has been developed to cope comfortably with both today’s software applications and tomorrow’s hybrid cloud solutions, providing users with access to the network wherever they are, from whatever device they’re using.

More Control

Windows Server 2012 possesses the power of many servers, with the simplicity of one. With a whole range of automated management tasks and a much simpler framework design, it gives you the ability to build, deploy and manage applications and websites in-house, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment.

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Most Cost-Effective

The scalability and performance of Windows Server 2012 means you can make the most of your storage. The platform supports self-service and eliminates additional licensing costs for virtual infrastructure and applications, while the added protection afforded by online backup means that, should it occur, downtime is reduced and recovery is accelerated.

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More Access

The flexibility of Windows Server 2012 gives every member of your team the power to access their files and applications on virtually any device, from practically anywhere they have an internet connection.

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