Windows 8 : Connect, Collaborate and Compete

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    Windows 8 : Connect, Collaborate and Compete

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    Windows 8 offers small businesses an exciting new way to work and collaborate. With Windows 8’s cloud capabilities, you can share your data and settings across multiple devices, including Windows PC, Windows Phone and Surface tablet. What’s more, the perfectly-matched combination of Windows 8 and Office 2013 will amplify your work mobility, giving you an edge on the competition! By Marcus Gomez.
    Since it was introduced in 1985, Windows has been synonymous with PC operating systems. Today, however, Windows has evolved to become much more. Windows 8 is the heart of an ecosystem that links PCs, smartphones and tablet devices seamlessly, allowing you to communicate and be productive wherever you go.
    • Connect your machines and devices with Windows 8, share files on the cloud with SkyDrive, and make use of them from any device.
    • Collaborate with business contacts through the convenience of the Windows 8 People app.
    • Compete and work more effectively by accessing and editing your documents anywhere with Office 2013.
    Small and medium businesses can get a lot more work done with the productivity-multiplying benefits of Windows 8 as well as Office 2013. An upgrade to Windows 8 will soon have you accessing files from anywhere through SkyDrive, collaborating more closely with clients and employees, and utilising multiple devices for greater mobility and flexibility.
    It’s sweet and simple: Connect, Collaborate and Compete.

    The SkyDrive connection

    Windows 8 is all about being connected. When you run a small business, you need to stay productive even when you’re on the move, and it’s easier than ever to do that by connecting all your devices with Windows 8. By starting a homegroup with a Windows 8 PC, it’s easier than ever to connect Windows 7 and Windows 8 PCs, printers and other devices into a secure and efficient network.
    The newest version of SkyDrive is designed to smoothly and seamlessly provide cloud storage for Windows 8. With just one Microsoft account, you’ll be able to link data on SkyDrive with all your Microsoft online services, such as Mail ( or Hotmail), People and Calendar. And SkyDrive isn’t just limited to Microsoft’s services – it’s also designed to share data with any other Windows 8 Store Apps that you may download and use in the future.
    With SkyDrive providing cloud storage capability across mobile devices as well, your work experience doesn’t end when you switch devices. You can start working on a document on a Windows 8 PC in your office, then drive out to an appointment and continue to access and edit the same document with a Surface tablet or even a Windows 8 smartphone. Windows 8 makes sure that any changes you make are quickly and automatically synced with your storage on SkyDrive.

    Collaboration for everyone

    Windows 8 also keeps you in contact with friends, clients and colleagues with the Windows 8 People app. You no longer have to worry about which device or social network you use to communicate and collaborate with a particular person – all of your contacts lists and address books from other services come together in one seamless interface. With the People app, you can keep track of everyone you work with through a single service, viewing their updates and messages at a glance, with the power to easily call or email them with a few clicks or touches.
    As with SkyDrive, the People app takes your collaboration and communication to the cloud, so that you can access your contacts from any device just by logging on with your Microsoft account. If you make updates to your settings on any one device, they’re immediately reflected everywhere else.

    Office 2013: A competitive advantage

    Your business will benefit from new functionality and integration with the cloud when you upgrade to Windows 8 together with Office 2013. The latest version of Office has undergone a facelift that brings it right in line with the new, sleek redesign of Windows 8. The new look for Office 2013 is all about improving functionality and usability, with optimisations for touchscreen devices to make the productivity experience as intuitive and visual as possible.
    Office 2013 is also more connected to the cloud than ever. Your default save location will be your SkyDrive, making it easy for you to view your documents on other devices and even edit them with Office Web Apps.
    Office 2013 lets you work with a wider variety of file formats than ever, including ODF 1.2 and PDF files. It also provides full support for Open XML, so that your documents will be compatible with any productivity software that your clients or partners use.
    To get a competitive edge with Office 2013, you’ll want to upgrade to Windows 8 today. All you need is a Windows XP or Windows Vista license, which entitles you to a 40% discount offer. Find out more here