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    Improve Your Business's Website

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    A website is a vital gateway to information on what your business does and what it can offer. Every business should have a website. More and more people are searching for information online through desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones and tablet devices. A website gives you a great opportunity to catch them online as people spend most of their days on the internet. Besides that, the internet is fast replacing other mediums of communication, being the first reference point for customers searching for a specific product or service.

    Here are some basic tips for a better website as according to Kelli Shaver on Mashable :


    1. Have a Mobile Version of Your Website

    With mobile device usage skyrocketing, a mobile-friendly web site is practically essential. A mobile site means your customers can access information on the go, wherever they may be. It also means they'll be more likely to share your site with friends, since they'll be able to pull it up and show it to others, even when not at a computer.

    As an added bonus, mobile sites can often be more accessible to those with visual impairments, or who may have difficulties using a mouse, but find touch displays easier to manipulate.

    2. Provide Supplemental Information

    Your users are looking for information. Period. Even if they've come to your site to make a purchase, they'll first want to research their options and check out the details of what it is they're buying. Consider making this task easier by providing supplemental information that complements your site's primary content.

    Take the time to provide your customers with information such as product manuals, warranty information, manufacturer contact details, sizing charts and troubleshooting guides. This not only says "We care about you," but it also makes your site an invaluable resource that visitors will keep coming back to again and again for the life the product or service they purchase.

    3. Make It Easy To Get Help

    Sometimes, no matter how much supplemental information or details about your product or service you provide, it's just not going to be enough. Some of your customers are just going to need more help. Make it easy for them by providing answers to frequently asked questions (include links to additional resources) and by placing your company's contact information (or help desk information) prominently on your website.

    Your users should be able to find a way to contact you from every page, be it an email address in the footer, a phone number in the header or a button or link within the content prompting them to inquire for more information.

    4. Keep it Simple and Keep it Organized

    We've talked a lot about providing additional information, using AJAX to build a responsive website and prominently displaying contact and support information. With all of that in mind, it may seem like your website could quickly get out of hand, and without proper attention to detail, it certainly could. You don't want your site to look cluttered or give your users a case of information overload, so it's key to keep your site clean and well-organized. Work with your designer to develop ways to keep information accessible, yet unobtrusive.

    If you're building your own site, a good rule of thumb is to look at the design you've chosen and then ask yourself, "What can I remove to make this easier to use?" It could be an entire block of text or simply a background color or border. Once you start de-cluttering, you'll be able to see if items should be shifted to other places in the layout, different pages or removed entirely. Keep revising until you have a site that's clean, well organized and easy to navigate.

    Create yourself a great website using these basic tips and gain more visibility for your business.