Extol - Giving financial security services some space

Extol - Giving financial security services some space

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Giving financial security services some space

Follow the quest of Extol MSC Berhad to solve a tricky storage problem
Extol MSC Berhad is an IT solutions provider, offering services such as security assessment audits, consultancy, and implementation of security services to Malaysian financial organisations. They processed an average of 3 million SQL queries a day. With the database growing by 1.5 Terabytes a month, they were running out of space in their two data centres.
The Challenge

Extol needed to add more servers and improve efficiency, with minimal disruption. They had also been finding their servers difficult to manage, with troubleshooting requiring too much downtime. So they were also looking to solve this.

The Solution

The best answer was to virtualize their infrastructure using Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 with Hyper-V. Two new Dell servers and an EqualLogic PS4000 SAN storage increased efficiency of their hardware, while network adapter redundancies improved availability.

"Very rarely do we have downtime these days, thanks to Hyper-V, we can now easily bring down one of the nodes for maintenance, without affecting the entire system"

Alex Tan, Chief Technology Officer, Extol MSC Bhd

The Results and Benefits
  • The efficiencies of a virtualised infrastructure saved Extol an estimated US$29,500 on hardware and implementation costs
  • The new environment is easier to manage and more robust, with less downtime and high availability due to Failover Cluster and Dynamic Memory
  • Test servers can be provisioned on the fly to test specific applications and situations

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