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Activate Your Microsoft
Software Assurance Benefits
You'll need:
the license agreement number on your Microsoft Software Assurance coverage statement
the name and e-mail address of the contact for your Volume License agreement
eOpen Customers Only: your open authorization number

Activate Your Benefits Now

Why Activate?
Many of your Software Assurance benefits must be activated before using them. Once activated, you’ll have access to resources like training, deployment assistance, and support that can help you gain control over your technology strategy and improve your IT staff’s skills.
Activation Resources
Activation Assistance
US Activation Assistance
(866) 230-0560
Deploy Your Software
Get help Deploying
Your software investment means nothing without an excellent deployment plan. Make your software investment pay off well with the help of Microsoft and qualified partners.

Why Deploy?
Microsoft software and services can give you a competitive advantage—but only if you use them. When you provide your people with the right technology, they can work more efficiently and effectively. The challenge is to develop a plan that minimizes the amount of time your IT staff spends on deployment, so users get up to speed faster, and your IT department can focus on other business needs.

Don’t leave valuable resources sitting on the shelf. Use the links on this page to create a deployment plan.
Get Strategic With Your
IT Assets
Optimize Your Infrastructure
Get to Know the Microsoft Application Platform

Get Help Optimizing your Business Productivity

Why Optimize?
An optimized infrastructure features software and services that allow you to deliver data and information on any device, enable collaboration, and automate IT processes. It becomes a strategic asset, empowering your people to drive your business forward. Microsoft can help you develop a roadmap to achieve this optimum level of productivity.

True-Up Your Agreement
Get help with the True-Up Process.
Your Microsoft representative or reseller is available to assist you in the True-Up process

Why True-Up?
Chances are you're not the same organization you were a year ago. Your business has grown, and your IT needs have grown. Once a year, we ask that you inventory your desktops, users, and processors, and make sure you have the licenses for each one.

This is the True-Up process. It's an opportunity to review what you have, what you're missing, and what you need to add to help your people be more productive as your business expands. It's also a great way to ensure that your business is protected from the risks associated with pirated software.

Renew Software Assurance
Renew now.
Call your Microsoft representative or reseller, found on your Renewal Notice.


Call Microsoft at:

US (800) 426-9400

Why Renew?
With its distinctive set of benefits, the Microsoft Software Assurance program is truly unique and is designed to help you get the most from your Volume Licensing purchase.

Among your Software Assurance benefits are free training, tools, and other resources that can help you stretch your IT budget, increase your end-user productivity, and reduce the cost and complexity of deployment. Use the links below to learn more about Software Assurance benefits

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