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Insight is information working for you. The Microsoft Business Insights newsletter is a customized monthly newsletter that provides information relevant to your business needs—the latest tips, case studies, and expert opinions on technologies that can make a difference for you.

Business Insights can help you gain skills and use your technology more efficiently, with:

  • Helpful software tips
  • White papers to help guide business decisions
  • Technical support and training
  • Discussions with Microsoft experts
  • Valuable offers and discounts
  • Upcoming digital events
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Small and Midsize Businesses
Large Organizations
June 2011
Five Tips for Building Connected Work Teams with Online Collaboration Tools

July 2011
Microsoft Office 365: Ready for Work. Whenever You Are.

May 2011
Work Together More Effectively With Shared Calendars and Workspaces

June 2011
Unleash the Power of Email

April 2011
Save Time and Money with Modern Management Tools

May 2011
Ready for Software as a Service?

March 2011
IMAGINE…Minimizing IT Maintenance

April 2011
Take Your Data Center to the Next Level

February 2011
Balancing Technology and People

March 2011
Productivity, Security, and Reduced Costs—You Can Have It All

January 2011
Make Better Decisions with Data Mining

February 2011
Uncovering the Microsoft Application Platform

December 2010
Turn Information into Insight with Microsoft Business Intelligence Solutions

January 2011
Is a Private Cloud Heaven-Sent For Your Business?

December 2010
Flexible and Cost-Effective IT with Windows Azure

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