Microsoft customers are cutting IT costs while delivering better business solutions with the Enterprise CAL Suite. Here are a few that have shared their experiences:

Del Monte

“With the Enterprise CAL Suite, we’re actually spending less money to use more Microsoft technologies than we did three years ago. An investment doesn’t get any better than that.”

Jonathan Wynn

Manager, Advanced Technology and Collaborative Services, Del Monte Foods


“The Enterprise CAL Suite specifically addresses our needs for business intelligence, collaboration, content management, and security…. The suite reduces immediate costs and the total cost of ownership.”

Angelo Privetera

Vice President and Chief Information Officer, HDR

Jamba Juice

“I expect that we’ll save 50 percent in software costs over six years by signing the ECAL agreement.”

Robert Notte

Vice President of Information Technology, Jamba Juice


“We have reduced staff required to support our business productivity environment by 50 percent... This frees up a lot of time to spend on higher-return projects.”

Rich Casselberry

Director, IT Operations, Enterasys


“By adopting Microsoft technologies, we’ve actually been able to reduce the number of people supporting our environment, even as we’re doubling our number of devices.”

Jesse Breaker

Director, Technology Infrastructure, Inventure Solutions [IT arm of the Vancity Group]


“Our decision to move ahead with Microsoft technologies will help us implement effective communication and collaboration tools so that, ultimately, we can be more successful in our business.”

Eran Cohen

Global IT Manager, Leadcom Integrated Solutions


“We have reduced staff required to support our business productivity environment by 50 percent…. This frees up a lot o f time to spend on higher-return projects.”

Robert Hampton

Director of Operations—Information Systems, ValleyCrest Companies

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