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2 page Case Study - Posted 9/14/2010
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Statoil Improves Collaboration, Information Management with Portal Software

Statoil, an international energy company, wanted to make it easier for its employees, who are located in 40 countries, to access and share information. Statoil is conducting a pilot implementation of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 for global collaboration, and expects the solution to provide its users with access to information at any time, help boost efficiency, and ensure the integrity of the company’s information.

Business Needs
Statoil is the result of a merger between the Norwegian State oil company and Norsk Hydro’s oil and gas division. Statoil has taken its experience of producing oil and gas on the Norwegian continental shelf for 35 years, and applied it to its global operations, which include deep-water drilling, harsh environments, and heavy oil.

Statoil is highly dispersed geographically, with locations in more than 40 countries. Employees rely on a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2003–based portal solution for collaboration. However, due to inconsistent connectivity, using the portal to share documents and information among its different locations is challenging. Ole-Kristian Olufsen, Leading Advisor for Collaboration Tools at Statoil, explains, “Latency issues result in slow system performance.”

Statoil employees frequently travel among their regional offices, and when they are disconnected from the corporate network, they cannot access the documents they need. Employees copy documents from SharePoint sites to their local computers so they can continue to work offline. “This can put information at risk of loss, and it also makes it much more challenging to maintain version control,” says Olufsen.

The company’s top priority is “safe and efficient operations.” To uphold its efficiency standard, and to ensure the integrity of its corporate information, Statoil sought to improve collaboration so that dispersed users could share information more easily.

In early 2010, Statoil evaluated Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 technology and saw potential in the newer version’s remote collaboration features. The company also wanted to take advantage of its existing investment in Microsoft SharePoint Server products and technologies. “Adopting the 2010 version would allow us to keep SharePoint Server as our foundation for worldwide collaboration, while gaining the benefits of the new platform,” says Olufsen.

* Ultimately, the SharePoint Server 2010 platform will help us to be more efficient, provide easier support, and improved information management. *

Ole-Kristian Olufsen
Leading Advisor for Collaboration Tools, Statoil

Currently, the company is conducting a pilot of SharePoint Server 2010, deploying the solution to a Statoil team located in Stavanger, Norway, and in one remote office. It is also deploying Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 for its enhanced mobility features. Team members will be able to access documents and files through a SharePoint Server 2010 team site. Through Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010, they will be able to access Office 2010 documents without having to connect to the Statoil network. The team will use Microsoft Office Web Apps, the online versions of Office 2010 applications, to work on files that are stored on the team site.

The pilot uses the advanced metadata features of SharePoint Server 2010, including the Term Store Management Tool, to create and manage metadata terms, which are applied to all documents stored on the team site. “Our use of metadata helps us manage and find documents much more easily,” says Olufsen. In the pilot, Statoil is using out-of-the-box SharePoint enterprise search, which helps employees find information faster with an intuitive search interface and search refinements, an improved relevancy ranking model, and similarity search.

Statoil pilot users are sharing information more easily with SharePoint Server 2010. The product provides a consistent platform for the company’s global operations, and Statoil predicts that this will lead to better information management and higher overall efficiency.

Easier Remote Collaboration
Pilot users are able to share information more easily, even across high-latency network connections. Olufsen says, “We are hearing from our employees that SharePoint Workspace 2010 works very smoothly. SharePoint Server 2010 provides a single place to store and share information, and people are having a much better experience collaborating between geographically dispersed locations. The performance gains encourage people to use the tools they should be using, instead of resorting to other methods.”

Better Information Management
With users employing fewer workarounds, the company can ensure greater consistency and integrity of its information. “It is easier to maintain one copy of each file with SharePoint Server 2010, because versioning is handled automatically, even when users work offline,” says Olufsen. Consistent, high-quality information also helps the company improve decision-making.

Higher Efficiency, Easier Management
With its pilot implementation of SharePoint Server 2010, Statoil users can work more efficiently across geographically dispersed locations. “SharePoint Server 2010 will give users new ways of working together, to support global collaboration,” says Olufsen. “This, of course, will help them increase their efficiency.”

The new solution will also potentially reduce the number of calls that employees make to the company’s help desk when they are unable to access the information they need. “If we can make the tools more reliable and easier to use, we expect our support call volume to drop,” Olufsen says. “Going from a highly customized experience with Office SharePoint Server 2003 to a more standard experience with the current version will also reduce management costs. Ultimately, the SharePoint Server 2010 platform will help us to be more efficient, provide easier support, and improved information management.”

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 29000 employees

Organization Profile

Statoil is a Norwegian energy company focused primarily on upstream oil and gas operations. The company is based in Stavanger, Norway, and operates in 40 countries.

Software and Services
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010
  • Microsoft Sharepoint Workspace 2010
  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010
  • Microsoft Office Web Components

Vertical Industries
  • Manufacturing & Resources
  • Process Manufacturing & Resources

Country / Region

Business Needs

IT Issues
  • Document and Records Management
  • Personal Productivity