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See What Bing can do for Developers! Vol 12-40 | July 3rd 2009
Stacey Jarvis
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Hi, I am Stacey Jarvis, Search Lead of Microsoft Canada Bing Team. Remember those “Magic Ball” toys, which supposedly helped you make decisions? Bing is the real thing, providing people with real answers not just for search, but for making decisions. If you haven’t done it yet, try  Bing ! We think you’ll be impressed.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could harness the power of Bing for your own sites and applications? To help your users find articles, images, news stories, answers to the questions, spelling suggestions, phone numbers and even related searches? And wouldn’t it be great if you could get results from Bing in the format that works best for you -- JSON , XML or SOAP ? And how about not having limits on how many times you can harness Bing?

Enter Bing API 2.0 . It’s straightforward and simple, and with it, your application can get any combination of search result types from Bing. It lets you pick a protocol for those results. You get unlimited use for customer-facing sites and applications. And it works with other technologies  that can make an HTTP GET call, not just Microsoft’s.

Best of all, all this Bing goodness — think of it as “Bing bling” — is free! You can get it at the Bing Developer Center , where you can get an AppID  and talk with the developer community . Give your apps  (and users) decision-making power: Bing them!

Bing - Developer Center
Bing API, Version 2
Live Search API SDK
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When stuck on a technical problem, where do you look first?
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Last Week Poll Results


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