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Get your Windows 7 Upgrade now! Vol 12-47 | September 23, 2009
Joey DeVilla
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Hi Everyone,  it’s Joey again. Before I talk about the Windows 7 Upgrade Option , I’ll need to address the question that many people have been asking me, both in real life and online: Is it a good time to upgrade to Windows 7?

My answer is always “YES!” I’ve been using Windows 7 in beta, RC and RTM form as my one and only operating system for development, demonstrations in front of large audiences, filing “TPS Reports, general workaday stuff and even gaming and making music and it’s worked like a champ for me. My advice to everyone is simple: get on the upgrade path!

If you recently bought a PC or are buying one very soon, you might qualify for the upgrade option. If you buy a qualifying PC, the manufacturer will provide instructions on how to get Windows 7 when it’s released. You can see the list of participating manufacturers and retailers for Canada here .

If you’re happy with your PC but are still running Windows XP, there’s an upgrade option for you, too. The Windows 7 upgrade option lets you upgrade to Windows Vista now and then subsequently upgrade to Windows 7 when it’s released. (The general rule is that if your hardware and software work with Windows Vista, it’ll most likely work with Windows 7, so this is a good way to check for compatibility as you upgrade.) Once again, the details are here .

Want to know more about the Windows 7 Upgrade Option? See the overview and FAQ .

Get on the upgrade path and take the Upgrade Option!

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