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Thomas Lewis
Principal Developer Evangelist
Microsoft Canada

  The topic of web standards inevitably is either dogmatic or a question of “why should I care?” for many people. Can you believe that on the Internet, they disagree on web standards all the time?

Much of that comes from how web standards are defined. Some view it as a process by which a spec for a feature goes from a draft to an actual implementation. Others view it as a programming model that eschews native implementation or even proprietary technologies.

I am not going to try and define web standards, you can Bing it and find the definition you like. What I want to do is explain why I think web standards are a good thing.

One, I find that by using web standards, our web sites and apps are more adaptable. What I mean is that I have found that when web standards are used in the appropriate way, they are much more likely to be used in other scenarios. For example, I have noticed that web sites that use web standards tended to easily adapt to mobile device browsers than those using plug-ins and such.

Two, web standards is one of the few things that all the big browser and tech vendors can agree upon as being a good thing. Look at HTML5; although there are little debates on various small things, overall it is something that Microsoft, Google, Apple and others can actually agree upon that works across all vendor platforms.

Three, web standards are available to everyone. Building a web site or app today can be built with a minimal amount of resources and not just for those who had years of specialized training. It is truly democratic.

So I will always place my bet on web standards, I haven’t lost yet.


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The D³ crew travels to the East of Toronto .NET User Group for a special presentation by Gladstone Grant, VP Developer & Platform Group at Microsoft Canada. Gladstone talks about Microsoft’s overall technology direction and the opportunity it provides developers to be successful and to help their customers be successful.

Windows Azure is a platform with many different services that you, the developer can piece together to create your solutions. But when do you use which service and how? In this blog series, you’ll discover the answer to that by using different scenarios used by developers working with Windows Azure today.

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In mid-January, Paul Laberge presented a marathon, three hour webcast called “A Lap Around Windows Phone 7.5”. This webcast provided developer content and demos on how to build apps that take advantage of the new and improved features of Windows Phone 7.5, as well as going over some strategies for making your app successful in the Windows Phone Marketplace. This webcast is now available on-demand here .

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