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Working out the bugs Vol 14-19 | September, 2011
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Don’t you hate it when you find a bug in your code during development? You have to diagnose, fix your code, and re-execute the tests. Of course it’s worse when the testing team finds a bug because then it has to be reported, reviewed and prioritized, diagnosed and fixed, then submitted into the next build so it can be tested again. The only thing worse than missing a bug during a QA review is having users report the problem to the Service Desk which ends up as a production fix change request. We all know testing is critical to avoid these high cost problems in production, but constant pressure remains on getting your code out the door faster than ever before.

That’s why Visual Studio 2010 was designed for both developers and testers. Manual testing, debugging, and load testing is streamlined and automated, Visual Studio 2010 includes tools to help you make your testing both efficient and effective.  Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate provides historical debugging through IntelliTrace ™, and now with the Visual Studio 2010 Load Test Feature Pack for active Visual Studio Ultimate with MSDN, subscribers can generate unlimited virtual users to help you complete your load testing.  Virtual Lab Management automates setup and tear-down of virtual environments. Visual Studio Test Professional 2010 simplifies test planning and manual test execution.  Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 provides the bridge between development and testing, capturing and tracking all test results.

To help you understand the evolving nature of software quality assurance and the tools that support it, Microsoft in collaboration with the QAI Global Institute has arranged a 5 part webcast series about QA tools and processes leading up to TesTrek , Canada’s largest Software Testing Symposium.  Register for the webcast series here , and join Microsoft’s software development thought leader Sam Guckenheimer on September 22 as he discusses Getting Agile with Testing .  We look forward to seeing you.

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