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Raising the Game Vol 13-1 | January 13, 2010
Joey DeVilla
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Welcome to the first Canadian MSDN Flash of the year! I hope that you got a break during the holidays and are still feeling recharged a couple of weeks into 2010.

The theme of 2009 was “let’s raise our game”. With Windows 7 , we took our OS to the next level with new features and interface that’s both beautiful and usable. Bing raised the game of Live Search, providing great search results and keep getting better with constant improvements. The whirlwind progress of Silverlight didn’t stop: Silverlight 3 raised the bar for rich internet applications.

We also raised our game here at Microsoft Canada’s Developer and Platform Evangelism team. We held TechDays 2009 and EnergizeIT 2009 , the biggest cross-country events we’ve ever done, hosted webcasts like Ignite Your Career and Developer Night in Canada , held or appeared at local events like CodeCamps, DemoCamps, FailCamp, user groups and Coffee and Codes , and wrote hundreds of articles on the Canadian Developer Connection blog .

There’s a lot more of this game-raising in store for 2010, starting with development, platform and productivity goodies with “2010” in their names: Visual Studio 2010, SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010. Microsoft is reaching beyond the desktop and into the cloud with Windows Azure and SQL Azure ( MBOYES: Is that the correct name?)  , and changing internet app development with ASP.NET4.0, ASP.NET MVC 2 and Silverlight 4. We’re also hard at work planning the 2010 editions of EnergizeIT and TechDays, along with other ways of helping you raise your game.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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Get your Applications In a Cloud! — Windows Azure Introductory Special

MSDN Premium Subscribers can sign up for Windows Azure Offer with 750 hours of Windows Azure compute per month for 8 months. Claiming Windows Azure via MSDN here .  Download Windows Azure training guide on “How to deploy an application” here .
Register for upcoming webcasts on “What’s new on SQL Server® 2008 R2” from January 26 to January 28th at 2pm to 3pm EST

Please join Jamie Wakeam and Stephen Giles, Microsoft Partner Technology Advisor, to discuss some of the new features in SQL Server 2008 R2 that enable higher mission-critical scale and expanded reporting and analytics through self-service business intelligence. Register for this webcast series here : Jan 26 , Jan 27 , Jan 28 .
Register for “Better Application Lifecycle Management with Visual Studio 2010” session in Kitchener, Waterloo on January 21st

Join Object Sharp and Microsoft on Thursday January 21st  to learn about the exciting overview of the capabilities and licensing changes available right now in Visual Studio 2010. In this session, you will be shown how Visual Studio 2010 will enable your team to achieve quality results from design to deployment. Register now with invitation key: DEAA69.
DevTeach-Learn How to Build Killer Apps Using Windows 7 Community Tour

Join Richard Campbell and Kate Gregory for an action-packed overview on Windows 7 application development. Whether you are looking to create more performant, reliable, or secure applications, or you are an application developer looking to leap-frog past your competition, this FREE event across 7 cities, will provide you with the information you need to better understand the Windows 7 platform. Learn more here .
Test Drive Windows 7 in a Virtual Environment

With a single click, you can take Windows 7 and check it out, feature by feature, without having to “pave over” your current version of Windows! You’ll run it on our servers in a “try before you buy” environment, catch virtual labs and videos on our latest and greatest OS and see how Windows 7 can help you and your organization.
Preview WCF RIA Services for Silverlight 4

Microsoft WCF RIA Services simplifies building interface-rich and data-rich web applications with ASP.NET and Silverlight. It provides a pattern for you to write application logic that runs on the mid-tier and controls access to data, making it easier to build and maintain your apps, and works with Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2010 Beta.
PHP on Windows

Become a Pretty Hot Programmer with this series of presentations! See how PHP and IIS work together, get your LAMP apps running on WISP and learn about the Microsoft Web Platform.
MFC and Windows 7

MFC’s been around since 1992, and it’s still going strong — the newest version will ship with Visual Studio 2010. In this video, Pat Brennan talks about how it takes advantage of the new Windows 7 features, from the taskbar to the Ribbon UI to the restart manager.
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An Introduction to UX Design and Testing

Making FAIL More Fun

Error Messages in Software Applications

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Training Resources
Windows 7 - New Features for Managed Code Developers The Windows 7 API Code Pack gives managed code developers access to features of Windows 7 that used to be the sole province of native code. These videos cover the API Code Pack and using it to supercharge your apps with the new goodies in Windows 7.
SQL Server 2008 R2 - Training Series An on-demand series of 8 videos covering SQL Server 2008 R2. Covers Report Builder 3.0, building your ISV ETL application, ISV Operational application, looking at what R2 edition is right for you and more.
Getting Started with Application Development for Windows Mobile 6.5 Computing is going mobile and so should you! Build a simple app in managed code and test it in an emulator.
Security for Developers
MOSS Security A brand-new video (just out this week!) providing an overview of security in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.
Microsoft SQL Azure Security Model Managing security on SQL Azure is a lot like managing it on SQL Server, but there are some differences in authentication and authorization. This video covers those differences.
Expanding SDL for Cloud and Agile Development Jeff Jones (Strategy Director in the Microsoft Security Technology Unit) on the expansion of Microsoft’s Security Development Lifecycle to cover security issues when developing “client and cloud” apps and integrating security with agile development practices.
MOSSapalooza: MOSS Learning Snacks
Developing Solutions with Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Learn how to use Visual Studio 2010 to build SharePoint-based solutions, build Silverlight-based applications with the SharePoint 2010 client object model and use LINQ to SharePoint to create SharePoint entities.
Experiencing the Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 User Interface See how the new Central Administration console of SharePoint 2010 brings administrative tasks into a single place and how the share application architecture can be used for flexible deployments.
Managing and Troubleshooting with Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 A look at features like the SharePoint Best Practices Analyzer, which can detect and automatically fix common issues, Large List Resource Throttling  and logging events SharePoint with a SQL Server logging database.
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