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Nerds on a Train, Making Web Not War Vol 13-10 | May 20, 2010
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While making plans for the Make Web Not War conference, the final event in Mondev , Montreal’s open source week, we realized that a good number of people would be travelling from Toronto to Montreal to attend it. We wondered  — rather than everyone making their own way to Montreal separately — what if there was some way for all of us to travel together, and perhaps even have some fun along the way?

Our answer to that question is the NerdTrain . We booked an entire VIA Rail car on Tuesday morning’s train to Montreal and Friday morning’s train back to Toronto. It’s got power outlets and wifi aplenty, and we’re sweetening the deal with lunch, a Hackfest where people can compete to build the best open data app before the end of the ride, and Xboxes with monitors (I might try to squeeze in a little time with the newly-released game,   Alan Wake ). Christian and I will be hosting the open data competition, and Barnaby is hard at work putting together a site that will let you track the train as it makes its way to Montreal and back.

The NerdTrain is the warm-up act for the main event, Make Web Not War . It’s our conference in which we show developers that it’s a great big heterogeneous world and how to make Microsoft and open source technologies can work together to produce great solutions. As a Microsoftie who came from the world of LAMP , Python, PHP and Ruby, this is a topic near and dear to my heart, and I think interoperability opens a lot of doors and creates a lot of opportunities.

To book seats on the NerdTrain email cdnsol@microsoft.com . Also, keep an eye on the Canadian Developer Connection blog next week, as we’ll be posting updates from the NerdTrain, Mondev and Make Web Not War!

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Visual Studio 2010 Update
SQL Server 2008 R2
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Windows Summit 2010: A Virtual Event

Device technical implementer. Discover the rich customization features in Windows 7 that enables partners to create a custom user experience for the PC or device. Targeted at software and device firmware engineers, this track will provide you with the direction and technical information to unlock the power of Windows 7 to create a great device experience. Available on May 25.
Testing tools & Rich Developer-Tester Interaction with Visual Studio 2010 - May 27th

Imaginet will demonstrate the new testing tools in Visual Studio 2010 and how the generalist tester is now brought into the full Microsoft ALM platform.  The new Test Professional product is a purpose-built tool for test professionals to plan, execute and manage testing of your web, Windows Forms or WFP application.  See how the rich defect reporting including IntelliTrace and other information about the execution and system under test, helps eliminate the “I can’t reproduce the bug” response from development. Event ID 148681
IT World Canada Real Voices Roundtable: Unified Communications - May 28, 1pm-EST

See how Subaru Canada implemented Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Enterprise. Your host will be Shane Schick, Editor-in-Chief of IT World Canada and a prominent thought leader in the ITC community. You’ll hear from George Hamin, Subaru’s Director of E-Business and Information Systems, Andy Papadopoulos, President of Legend Corp, and Vineet Parmar, Unified Communications Product Manager at Microsoft Inc. Take part in this event to see how Unified Communications can provide flexibility and cost savings at your organization.
Enterprise Patterns with WCF RIA Services

Learn about common parallel patterns and how they're implemented without and with this new support in the .NET Framework, as well as covering best practices for developing parallel components using parallel patterns.
Use the Architecture Explorer in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate to Analyze Your Code

After completing this virtual lab, you will be better able to use the architecture explorer, analyze project structure using the architecture explorer and DGML, and use the architecture explorer to analyze external assemblies.
.NET Framework 4 Migration Issues

This list covers the issues of migrating between .NET 3.5 SP1 and .NET 4, including fixes, changes for standards compliance and security, and changes based on customer feedback. Most of these changes do not require any programming modifications in your applications.  [Plus: Towards a Smaller .NET 4]
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Windows Phone
Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP — April Refresh: A new version of the Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP, featuring Visual Studio Express for Windows Phone, the Windows Phone emulator, Silverlight and XNA for Windows Phone, was released at the end of April. Be sure to update if you haven’t already!
Expression Blend 4 for Windows Preview 2: Microsoft also updated the interface design tool for Windows Phone. To install it, make sure you have installed the following: Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP — April Refresh ; Expression Blend 4 Release Candidate ; Expression Blend Add-In Preview 2 for Windows Phone ; Expression Blend SDK Preview 2 for Windows Phone .  
Windows Phone Training Kit: Once you’ve got the tools, this is a great way to learn how to develop apps for Windows Phone.
Deploying/Running PHP on Azure. This lab is designed for developers who work with PHP and who would like to be able to run PHP applications on the Microsoft Windows Azure platform. It will walk you through testing a PHP application locally in a simulation environment of Windows Azure and then deploying it and running it in the cloud, as well as working with SQL Azure.
SQL Azure FAQ: Released only a few days ago, the FAQ provides an architectural overview of SQL Azure Database, describes how you can use SQL Azure to augment your existing on-premises data infrastructure or as your complete database solution and answers a lot of often-asked questions.
Cloud Migration, Episode 1: Planning. In this first of a five-part series of videos, you’ll see the planning behind a real-world migration of a site from being hosted on-premises to the cloud on Azure. Over the episodes, watch the msdev team and Slalom Consulting (a real company) as they go through the process.
MVC Hanselmania!
ASP.NET MVC 2 Basics: In this video recorded at DevDays 2010 in the Netherlands, Scott Hanselman introduces developers of ASP.NET to the ASP.NET MVC 2, the new hotness version of “new hotness” web development framework. This is an all-demo, avoid-PowerPoint kind of presentation as only Hanselman can deliver.
ASP.NET MVC 2 Ninja Black Belt Tips: The follow-up to the “ASP.NET MVC 2 Basics” presentation, this session covers lots of tips and tricks to get the most out of the ASP.NET MVC's better productivity features.
The HaaHa Show: Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Security. A security show unlike the others you’ve seen. Scott Hanselman writes a feature, Phil Haack exploits it and hacks into the system, and then they discuss what happened. You’ll learn about XSS, CSRF, JSON hijacking and more. 
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