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Your Chance to Shine Vol 13-13 | June 30, 2010
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Great things happen when you let people shine.

I learned this lesson from DemoCamp , the high-tech “show and tell” session that started in Toronto in late 2005 and has since spread to many cities across Canada. Created by my colleague David Crow (who I assist as a host and DemoCamp’s unofficial “court jester”), it was his response to the lack of a tech scene in Toronto, something we both missed from our dot-com days in “The Valley”. The idea behind it was simple: invite a bunch of nerds and entrepreneurs to present their current projects to their peers, and let the whole group mingle afterwards. DemoCamp ended up creating more than just a thriving tech scene, but a community that shares knowledge, expertise and opportunities. DemoCamp has launched many careers, companies and conferences — all because it gave people a chance to shine.

I want to take the DemoCamp example and try it on the national level. I want to help Canadian developers shine, and in turn, create a strong Canada-wide tech community.

Have some expertise with a development tool, technology or technique? I want to make you the go-to person on that topic. Looking to get into tech writing but don’t have an audience? I can hook you up with a big one. If you think you can shine, I want to give you the opportunity.

Who wants to shine? If you’re interested, drop me a line at joey.devilla@microsoft.com!

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Early Bird Registration ($349.99+applicable taxes) for TechDays 2010 in 8 cities!

Come and find out everything you need to know in two days with more than 50 dedicated sessions, because there's always more to learn! Early Bird Registration ($349.99 + applicable taxes) is now available for Tech•Days 2010 in 8 Canadian cities. Reserve your seat today by purchasing your ticket(s) at this 50% off discounted rate available only for a limited time. Early Bird ($349.99 + tax) is available up to six weeks prior to each event. After that tickets will be available at full conference price ($699.99 + tax)  
Windows Phone 7 Application and Game Development Video

If you are new to Windows Phone, or Game Development then this session is for you. Find out what hardware and software you will need to get started, and what the game development options are for this exciting new platform. Learn how to get the drop on the competition and be first in the Windows Phone Marketplace with compelling content
Intensive Two-Day Courses for Windows Phone 7

Get a head start on developing for Windows Phone 7 with DevTeach’s Bootcamp. Instructor Colin Melia will get you up to speed on developing mobile applications in these hands-on workshops, where you’ll “learn by doing”. The Bootcamp will take place in the following cities: Montreal (Aug. 23 — 24), Vancouver (Aug. 30 — 31), Ottawa (Sept. 2 — 3) and Toronto (Sept. 7 — 8). Save $100 by using the promo code WP7BOOTCAMP. 
ASP.NET MVC for Web Form Programmers

See the story of a Web Form developer who decided to take a closer look at this radical new approach to ASP.NET development. Get ASP.NET MVC2 free.
Tips and Tricks for Building Effective Rich Internet Applications

This session covers the separation of concerns between data access, logic and presentation tiers, best practices for testability, and tricks for getting better performance through design.
An In-Depth View of Windows Phone 7 Applications with Silverlight

Part 1 covers multi-touch, software keyboard, accelerometer, and microphone. Part 2 covers the new application model and services available to applications.
Random and Interesting
An Interview by a Seventh Grader

Launchlist: Your One Stop Website Checklist

I [Heart] Programming — A Facebook page for programmers

Kathy Sierra: Don’t outspend, outFRIEND!

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Mobile, But Were Afraid to Ask

See more...
Dive Into HTML 5 . Written by Mark Pilgrim (who wrote Dive Into Python) and soon to be published by O’Reilly, this isn’t just a great guide to HTML 5, it’s also published in its entirety online, for free. This book covers HTML 5’s new semantic elements, support for canvas, video, geolocation, persistent local storage, offline web apps, improvements to forms and microdata.
jQuery Fundamentals . This online book aims to be for jQuery what Dive Into HTML 5 is for HTML 5. It doesn’t assume you’re familiar with JavaScript and even starts with “JavaScript 101”, afterwards it walks you through the features of the excellent jQuery JavaScript library. The book is a work in progress, with the “Advanced jQuery” section still sparse, but it’s a great introduction.
HTML 5 and CSS 3: The Techniques You’ll Soon be Using . We’re still looking for the CSS 3 equivalent to Dive Into HTML 5 and jQuery Fundamentals, but this article’s a good start. It walks you through the creation of a blog page using HTML 5 and CSS 3, explaining the techniques along the way.
Stuff Joey Uses
Ninite Batch Installer . This batch installer can help save you a lot of time. Pick the software you want to install from a pretty extensive selection of browser, messaging, media, office, imaging, security, developer and utility apps.
Support Details . “Okay, what OS and browser version are you using, and what screen resolution are you running at?” If you have to ask your customers these questions, this web-based utility can make your life easier. It displays information like this and provides the option to send this info to a specified email address or save it as CSV or PDF.
Kuku Klok . Whether you practice the Pomodoro Technique for productivity or need some kind of alarm clock at a moment’s notice, this little web app is quite handy. Alarm sounds include the classic alarm clock, rooster and Joey’s favourite, the Slayer guitar riff.
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