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WebMatrix and Other New Web Goodies Vol 13-14 | July 15, 2010
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Microsoft has been quite busy working on web technologies that simplify your life as a developer. You’ve probably seen the work on the client side in the form of Internet Explorer 9 (and if you haven’t, you should take it for a test drive ); with its “Same Markup” philosophy and standards compliance, you’ll spend more time writing rich web apps and less time handling browser compatibility issues. We’re doing the same on the server side, with a new suite of tools that let you spend more time coding and less time configuring:

- IIS Express: A “best of both worlds” web server for developers that combines the feature set of the full-on version of IIS 7.5 and the ease-of-use of ASP.NET-based development server. It works with any web development version of Visual Studio (even Express!), runs on Windows XP and later, doesn’t need an administrator account and works with your existing ASP.NET code. 

- SQL Server Compact Edition 4: What IIS Express is for web servers, SQL Server Compact Edition 4 is for databases. It works with existing .NET data APIs, has a query syntax like SQL Server,  doesn’t require you to install a database server (you just copy binaries of SQL CE into your web app’s \bin directory) or have administrator access and makes it so that moving your web app to another server, database and all, is a simple copy operation.  

- Razor: A new “view engine” or templating system that lets you build web views in a clean, simple and unit-testable way using C# or Visual Basic. 

You can use these individually, but they really shine in WebMatrix , which ties all of the above together with a lightweight (but not light-headed) web development environment. You can use it to build static HTML sites, then add useful open source web apps such as Wordpress and DotNetNuke with a couple of mouse clicks, and even code up your own fully-functional database-driven web app without worrying about setting up web and database servers. It’s all about creating faster and configuring less.

WebMatrix is perfect for the beginning or student web developer, but even seasoned pros will find it useful for personal or small business sites, as well as for prototyping (I plan to use it to build test servers for some Windows Phone 7 apps I’m building). Take WebMatrix for a spin and let us know what you think!

WebMatrix Beta
WebMatrix and the New Razor Syntax
Web Metrix Features
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