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TechDays: Your Best Conference Deal Vol 13-16 | August, 2010
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The “dog days” of August mean different things to different people; to us, it means that it’s time to start ramping up for TechDays , Microsoft Canada’s cross-country tour for developers and IT Pros.

TechDays is the conference that gives you the most bang for your buck. We take the sessions from our big conferences like TechEd , MIX and PDC — conferences with four-digit registration fees and where you’ll also have to spend lots of travel and hotel — and bring them to a city near you at a three-digit price (and a low-three digit price if you register early). Better still, the sessions are presented by “local heroes”: Canadian developers and IT Pros who are active in their tech communities. It’s the best of all worlds: big-time content, done close to home, presented by people you know.

There’s also GoDevMental scheduled in the evenings of TechDays, free sessions for students where they’ll get a chance to learn about Windows Phone development , build beautiful interfaces and web sites using Expression and get their hands on a DreamSpark token. If you’re a student at a Canadian University or College or know of someone who would be interested in this content, send them check out  GoDevMental to learn more.

Finally, one of the big benefits of TechDays is something that a lot of people forget: the people. There’s us Microsofties (and yes, we’d love to meet you), but even more important is the opportunity to meet your local tech community. While having tech “chops” is important, I can tell you all sorts of stories, many of them my own, on how important connections are to one’s career.

If you haven’t registered for TechDays yet, do it now! See what attendees will receive here. It’s an even better deal at the early bird price of $349.99 for a limited time. Learn more.

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Attention Students. Registrations now open for Imagine Cup 2011

Imagine Cup is the world’s premier student technology competition, Imagine Cup 2011 comes to an exciting finale at the Worldwide Finals held this year in New York City, United States. Want more chances to win? Sign up to compete in the additional Challenges. Overall, the idea is to show how technology can help solve the world’s toughest problems. And the solution? Well, that’s entirely up to you—and your imagination.
Develop for Windows

See what’s new with Windows 7. Get sample code and kits to inspire you. Build with Visual Studio. Connect with the Community. Go to the Windows Developer Center. If you have innovative apps you are building on Windows, tell us about them.
Upgrade to Visual Studio 2010 Professional for as low as $399

For a limited time, upgrade from Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition or Visual Studio 2008 Standard Edition to Visual Studio 2010 Professional for an estimated retail price of $399.  Contact your local reseller, or visit the Microsoft Store.
Keep Your jQuery Code Simple with Templates

Learn how to do it with the jQuery Template plug-in developed by the Microsoft Ajax Core team. Next: Nested Templates ; Inline Expressions and Code Blocks .
Internet Explorer 9, Platform Preview 4

Take the latest version of Internet Explorer — Platform Preview 4 — for a test drive! Experience the power and speed of the newly-integrated JavaScript and SVG engines, the hardware acceleration, the HTML 5/CSS 3 compatibility and more. And get ready as IE9 makes the leap from “Platform Preview” to beta, happening soon!
Don’t miss the Windows Phone 7 Boot Camp

The next big application market will be on mobile devices and Microsoft Windows Phone 7 is about to join the game. DevTeach has teamed up with one of the best in Microsoft technology architecture and training to provide you with a unique and accelerated boot camp experience. This 2-day event form of accelerated hands-on training will increase your learning potential and maximum your time. Click here to register in Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa and Toronto.
Cloud Cover Episode 21 - Your Questions Answered

In this episode: Listen as via forums and Twitter field questions regarding the Windows Azure topics you want to know more about. Discover a tip on effectively using Table naming to more easily manage querying and deleting Tables. 
Layout Techniques for WinForms Developers

This article will demonstrate some form layout techniques to help Windows Forms developers make the transition to WPF or Silverlight.
Phone Soup
Sign up for the Bootcamp and learn to build Windows Phone apps!

Proliferation of Mobile Devices = Opportunity for Apps & Developers

Developers Optimistic About Windows Phone 7, Starting to Deliver the Goods

A Cheat Sheet for Unit Testing Silverlight Apps on Windows Phone 7

No WP7 Device? No GPS? No Matter (with Code!)

See more...
New Developer Tools
Whether you’re a beginning developer taking your first steps into the world of Windows app development, a domain expert who has an idea for a data-driven application but can’t get someone to build it or a seasoned pro who’d like to build or prototype software quickly, LightSwitch is for you! It’s a quick way to create professional-quality business apps that tie into all manner of data sources, and the apps you build can grow as your needs grow. The LightSwitch beta will be available on August 23rd — keep an eye on the LightSwitch site!
The WebMatrix toolkit has everything you need to get started building web sites using Windows. It includes a web server (IIS Developer Express), a web dev framework (ASP.NET), a database (SQL Server Compact), a templating system (Razor), code editing tools and a way to include open source ASP.NET- and PHP-based web applications into your site. The WebMatrix beta is available right now — take it out for a spin!
Local Community Focus - Vancouver
Announcing a new Silverlight User Group in Vancouver and your chance to win a free registration to WP7 Boot Camp . A new Silverlight user group has been created in Vancouver named VanSLUG. In order to help bring awareness to this new User Group, DevTeach is giving a free registration (Value of $999.00) to its popular Windows Phone 7 Boot Camp ( August 30-31) to the User Group for a draw.  So you have a chance to win this registration by simply joining VanSLUG at this link: http://vanslug.net . You register to the group by clicking on the login link on the top right-hand-side of the home page and creating an account. VanSLUG will announce the winner on August 16th.  
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